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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Constitution in Decline...

The US Constitution is waning as regards influence on other countries that are writing Constitutions.

Is it any wonder? Our own Political Class despises the document and principles, and Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg actively counsels foreigners to avoid our example.

Traitors, all.

Here's the stroy.



  1. This is place setting to justify not following the USC. Of course, that means they have no legitimate position. Guess I'd be very leary of a call for a Con-Con. To be honest, the last one left a lot to be unhappy about. After years of introspection, the Articles of Confederation were much more agreeable to Liberty.


  2. There was something that she said that I did really agree with though. Something about it not mattering if you had the best constitution if nobody cared. Sounds like she has experience with that sort of thing...

  3. Jim Bravo,

    You are exactly right. And the people of this country, upon reading of her own words, should DEMAND that she recuse herself from any participation in judicial decisions on SCOTUS, since she believes the Constitution to be wrong and she is - by virtue of that fact - unable to dispassionately and fairly carry out the duties of her office.

    I would suggest that she actually needs to be removed from the Court due to her open statement that she does not support the Constitution, but then Barry Soetero would simply replace her with someone else as bad or worse.


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