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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SHTF Firearms Selection

You like the .223 and the AR platform. You have a rifle and maybe a matching pistol, and a 5 gallon bucket of rounds.

You like the .45 ACP, have a pistol, parts, leather, mags, ammo.

But what happens in a field re-supply situation when you have blown through the .45 ammo in your Go Bag and you don't have the option of returning to get more.

Or, worse, you run dry and the Ruckus drags on longer than anticipated. You end up having to shoot the ammo you can find or take from Bad People.

Do you have a .40 in your arsenal, just in case you run dry of .45 ACP and can't get more?

Do you have a .380? .22? .308? .30-06? .32 ACP?

The point: If the world gets ugly you can count on factories to be in the control of the Bad People, and buying a fresh load of your favorite ammo from your favorite online source will not happen. You'll have to shoot what you find. If your only handgun is a slick Kimber .45, what happens when you come across a box of .38 Special?

Consider: Prudence would dictate adding pieces to your collection to take advantage of ammo you are most likely to find while out and about. A .357 revolver will shoot .357 and .38, while a .44 magnum revolver will shoot .44 mag and .44 special. .45 revolvers will feed a variety of .45 ammo loads.

It is beyond most budgets to buy the best firearm of every caliber. But a .410 single shot H&R with ammo for about $100 is a defensive tool, and an empty 12 gauge is a club.

Think about it.



  1. I agree.

    Here's your prize.


  2. I was talking to Bill about this same subject not too long ago. Considering calibers, assuming things become what we expect, there may be the need to pick and run with what you find,
    Having dozens of calibers is not going to do much good if you are loaded to the hilt with just small arms. You still have to have room for what they eat and ALL of that starts weighing in on the scales pretty quickly. We are not just talking a monetary budget here, but a physical one also. If your pack weighs 220 pounds and that weight is mostly guns, you aren't moving fast or well nor are you going to be effective by any means.
    Pick and run. If that means grabbing the dead guys guns and ammo leaving behind your emptys, so be it.
    Just my thoughts and probably faulty at that.

  3. Along with the 22 in my Git Kit, I also have a 45 ACP and a Mini-14 in 223 that will go with me. Both calibers are easily obtainable by capture, and that played a huge part in my decisions.

  4. A must have is any firearm chambered in. 22lr; it's everywhere. Other calibers I choose are US military...9mm, 5.56mm and 7.62x51. Love. 45s but it's not common anymore and expensive. Stick with common military calibers unlike the bullshit round the PA State boys use. Who the hell would own a wpn chambered in. 45 GAP?



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