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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Denver Radio Spot

Here's the spot running in Colorado, folks.

It is outstanding.

And this one is entirely due to the work of a Denver-area Patriot who has underwritten the cost. He's put this on the air for 6 months - that is not cheap, folks.

Here's the link to the audio. There are two copies on the MP3.

My sincerest thanks to the Patriot who took point on this and got it done.



  1. Some constructive criticism on the narrator, although it may be too late if it is already running. Halfway into both spots he hesitates near the end of the sentence before adding the last two or three words. It sounds like he's reading it for the first time and is surprised when the print carries to the next line down. Great job otherwise on a much needed effort.


  2. Is that the one Russ from DumpDC was working on?

  3. Jim: No - Russ is doing a spot that we'll run in Shenandoah, Virginia and elsewhere.


  4. You need to run a spot in Cleveland Oh, there is a lot of pi$$ed ppl here that need to here what has to be said. If we can get some funding ill gladly throw in a bean.

  5. Mike: I'll look into the Cleveland market, thanks for the heads-up. What radio station do you listen to in the area?



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