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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Moral High Ground Fallacy

I have one simple position on this topic: If a person or a thing stands between you and your Natural Rights, you possess the Natural Right to be rid of the obstacle, by any means necessary.

When it comes to a person, give warning. If that person will not remove himself from the space between you and the free exercise of your Natural Rights, if he will not shut up, if he continues to advocate the infringement of your Natural Rights by force or by support, kill him. You will be on safe moral ground with any Just God and with the Laws of Nature.

I simply can not be bothered by continuous mental masturbation on such topics.

I have stated my position. Agree, disagree, I don't care.

The Only Good Commie is a Dead Commie.

And I have given the Enemies of Liberty fair warning.

Where you stand on such topics is your business, not mine.

You know if your Natural Rights are being infringed, and you know if you are a decent, moral person. You do not lose any "moral points" for killing a person who would vote your enslavement into place or for killing the enforcer. You do not need my approval or any else's approval. You know the truth in your heart.

What you need to watch for is an ATF taint-suckling "Patriot" who dares to sit in judgment of your moral scorecard, and who dares define when and where and how you may act in defense of your Natural Rights.

Here is a good link to WRSA on the topic. As usual, CA offers a perspective that I find valuable. Feel free to weigh-in there.




  1. My first thought, upon reading this post, was "who the hell is he talking about?"
    By the time I reached your warning about
    an "ATF taint suckling Patriot," I knew
    exactly who you were referring to.
    I then quickly zip over to sipsey to read
    up on the offending snot.
    Upon finding the offending snot, my second
    thought was, "what is the basis of this cowardly scapegoating; this much ado about nothing, passed off as a legitimate discussion
    about how to solve the Constitutional crisis of our Republic.
    Well, I certainly fucked myself out of 5-10 minutes of productive life reading that cowardly slop.
    As if it were possible, the five comments he's received so far, are far more wretchedly toxic shit.
    One comment had the nerve to declare, "The youngsters, the immature and the government snitches are itching for a fight." That tactical jewel was posted by bubba.
    Hey, bubba, fuck you!
    I'm in my mid-40's and more raggedly pissed off than an old chain smoking circus chimp. I've been doing this SLAVE thing for a long time, and I'm tired of my balls hurting; causing me not to play well with ass sucking leeches, brown noses, suck-ups, or whatever the fuck snitches are calling themselves these days.
    Gunny G(theantiliberalzone.com) had the creative nerve to whip out his Sun Tzu defense
    by declaring, "My favorite Sun Tzu quote that mirrors not only the essence of the essay but what we are facing now is: “When strong, avoid them. If of high morale, depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united, separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise.”
    Sadly, the only comment that expressed a backbone and reality was left by
    Thomas Paine(theampat.com); with the stand out sentence from his comment that, "Me, I smell despair and retreat. But I will not go gently, as many of you will. I'm 65 years old and I'm not dying a slave after a very productive life."
    In closing, after suffering through this defeatist, holier-than-thou crap, I have only this: Dutchman6, fuck you! bubba, fuck you! holier-than-thous, fuck you! Everyone up their own asses, fuck you!

    Most sincerely and respectfully, cavmedic68w

  2. "If a person or a thing stands between you and your Natural Rights, you possess the Natural Right to be rid of the obstacle, by any means necessary."

    Don't shoot the messenger, but that IS the moral high ground, or at least one instance of it. Nothing fallacious there; I hope that's good news.

  3. Jim: ;) I know. I was being sarcastic in the title with the word 'Fallacy'.


  4. Kerodin, great read as always.

    I've read a few books on Natural Law / Natural Rights. Anyone have any recommendations on any books that go a little more in depth or are recommended? Much appreciated.


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