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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do not look left or right, look inward...

I have wondered recently how many Republicans would vote today for Thomas Jefferson.

Note: Big R, not little r.

The Left mocks Jefferson for his "hypocrisy" regarding slavery.

Many on the Hard Right mock Jefferson for the Louisiana Purchase, the Barbary War, and other acts they declare to be hypocritical acts for an anti-Federlist. (Just as they ridicule Washington for the Whiskey Rebellion)

The Establishment, be they R's or D's, those folks who play between the 40 yard-lines, offer token affection and deference for Jefferson, yet they feed from troughs that Jefferson would denounce and cast into the trashbin of history.

I'm not even considering the powerful business interests in America that would align against Jefferson. I am strictly looking at the people who go to the polls.

I must conclude Thomas Jefferson would never be elected today, because we have become a nation filled with people who do not share his values.

And that, Patriots, is what sets you and me from our "Countrymen".

The nation we have become, the values held by the masses of people, does not lend us to self-government. We have become a nation of illiterate, morally ungrounded and purely self-interested people who need Masters, for they lack the traits that warrant and permit a society to exist without Masters and Nannies.

You and I have a choice in the near future. We will surrender and live out our lives until we are dead, going with the currents, or we will find a way to be rid of the genetic detritus among us. We will cut away and be rid of the cancers among us, we will lower their numbers until the number of moral and decent people who deserve and are capable of self-governance are once again the majority...

...or we will have lived our entire lives as slaves.

Remember that during the Constitutional Crisis during the election of Jefferson, as he and Burr fought for that deciding vote, there was talk among several Governors about calling the militia to arms, to take Washington DC for Jefferson.

And they meant it.

It would not have been a fight to install a King. Those before us, of the Founding Generation, had decided they would not be slaves to anyone, and they meant it.

In our silence for all of our lives, we have not yet declared the same intent, with the same determination.

We will each be forced to look inward and answer the same question in our own chests.

Will we go out and do what is necessary to secure the values of Jefferson for the remainder of our lives, and for the lives of our children and grandchildren?

Or will we deliver them into the hands of tyrants and fools who rule today?


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  1. When I discuss politics with like-minded friends we often MF the sitting politician, which is fine. However, I remind myself and friends to "blame the electorate" for it is they who continue to keep the ruling elite in place. If the electorate would replace the politician after one term we wouldn't have some of the trouble we have today.

    I have no use for Repub or Dem....they are all greedy scoundrels.

    Good essay.



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