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Sunday, February 19, 2012

TL Davis: The First Betrayal

TL takes aim at those who choose to enter the Elected Class.

Those who Rule today have no genuine respect for the Constitution, as written, ratified or intended. They go into politics for the same reason Willie Sutton went to banks...that's where the money is...

The flaw that permits the Fed and fiat money is not a flaw in the Constitution, but a flaw in implementation by those who seek to rule, and a flaw in our role of oversight. You will remember that it was the Banksters who brought Daniel Shays and about 4,000 others to shut down the Government of Massachusetts, for the Banksters demanded blood even then, with no respect for Liberty.

Once we sever the ties of profit from Governance, we will be on a proper path. That means we must abandon Hamiltonianism and abide the written words and intent of the Constitution.

...and our current crop of Banksters and their facilitators in Government should all face trial for Treason.

Here's TL's piece.

UPDATE: Consider this piece from Kent. I can't go quite so far as to say "No Government", but I sure do like the idea of genuine Patriots being in every corner of the Halls of Power to ensure that Liberty is protected. I agree 100% that scoundrels will stop seeking Government Offices and will probably become Banksters or snake oil salesmen, which is more suited to their talents, anyway.


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