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Friday, February 3, 2012

Election Cycle Political and Bankster Games

So, the unemployment rate dropped because employers added 240K + jobs.


...but what about the skewing effect of not counting 1.2 million people who are unemployed?

Here is what the Politicians have done: They simply game the system by claiming that the labor force is smaller than it is in reality. They stop counting a portion of people who are unemployed.

Here it is in NFL terms: If the average winning percentage of all NFL tams, combined, is 50% for a season (I have no idea what the actual number is, it doesn't matter) across all 32 teams, and the NFL wanted to advertise a higher average, they'd drop the worst 10 teams and base their "Statistic" on only the top 22 teams.

That is what our dear leaders have done, and this is the second or third month of these election-cycle games. There will be more of this, count on it.

So, why is the Dow rising? The Banksters make money on market moves, whether those moves are up or down, so long as they know which way the market will move. They cook the books, move their money into those areas they know will move on a news story, make their profit, then pull their money before the next news story debunks the previous story.

Hang the traitors, and this will end. And until we do, it won't.


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