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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just a thought...

UPDATE: Adding this link to a piece Kent wrote awhile ago on the topic. ~ K

Just throwing this out there: I think most people who come to this site agree that not one of us has ever lived under the Constitutional Government envisioned by our Framers.

I would also think most of us agree that Bad People began attacking the intent of the Framers before the ink was dry (Hamilton and Marbury v. Madison, for starters)...and what the Framers created was finally murdered by Lincoln.

What you and I seek as "Restoration" simply has not existed in our lifetimes, or in the lifetimes of our fathers or grandfathers.

At least I think most of us agree on those points.

I want the Constitution, as ratified, and implemented in the spirit of the DoI and BoR.

That is why I do what I do.


PS: Russ - my email is getting bounced back again, I'll have to go find the others you sent me so I can reply to your email. Sorry for the delay, I'm not ducking you. ~ K


  1. Question-

    Seeing as how we got it once already, as-ratified, and here we are, would you say that "as-ratified" needs modified a bit to provide...encouragement for folks to not travel the same road?

    Here are some tough questions I ask in all honesty, not being facetious-

    Would you restore Senate election to the states, and take it away from direct popular elections? I would. What about the 3/5ths rule? Voting for white landowning males only? Would you try to focus the language more, and provide specific mandatory penalties for Constitutional violations?

    Do you think there are, in hindsight, some things that could be changed to prevent a repeat of where we've come to now?

    Again, I am asking in an honest spirit of discussion. I think that it is good that you have direction, purpose, and motivation.

    Given restoration, how might we avoid some of the tragedies that the united States have suffered?


  2. Oh, I absolutely agree with several of the evolutions since ratification - such as doing away with slavery (thus my comment about the "Spirit of the DoI").

    And I would absolutely expect the revocation of the 16th and 17th Amendments.

    It all must begin at the beginning, though, for practical purposes (Getting everyone on the same "messaging" page, as it were).

    But the singlemost important "correction" we must make, and I mean "We the People", is to guard the intent savagely, to not trust others with a monopoly of violence, to ensure that "We the People" hang traitors when and where we find them, to ensure we elect Governors and Sheriffs who will stop Feds in their tracks...

    ...in other words, we have to use the tools that were built into the Constitution that were intended to be used by "We the People" to stop Bad People from perverting it.


  3. I can absolutely agree with you on that.

    We the people must be absolutely and utterly ruthless when it comes to the safeguarding of liberty.

    If not, it's all lost.

    Thanks for the quick reply.



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