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Thursday, February 2, 2012

PJB on Ron Paul

Pat on Ron - worth the read, here.



  1. Ron Paul would do better IF he would explain what his National Defence and Foriegn Policy would be if not Isolationist. He does a very poor job at that. He also has a problem with his "the US caused 9-11" mantra. How then does he explain the rest of the two hundred year conflict with Islam? Conservitives (the REAL ones, not the neo-con progressive type) would also like to see the US pull out of the rest of the world but there has to be a realistic plan.



  2. Did I read this wrong? Is this what PJB believes, or what Ron Paul believes?

    What an incredible crock of shit. Israel doesn't want war with Iran, they simply want to prevent Iran from destroying their country with nuclear arms. If they wanted war, it would be happening already. IF - and that is only an "if" - they were behind both the Stuxnet virus and the killing of some Iranian scientists, it is only to prevent the ability of Ahmadinejad to destroy Israel, as he has sworn he will do.

    Take whichever side you wish on the topic of whether or not we should support Israel, but don't listen to this fool prattle on that Israel and some mythic "Jewish lobby" in Congress wants war with Iran. The bloody Jews in Congress and here in America are almost exclusively liberals who would rather climb into another cattle car than fight to keep the UN and the muslims from destroying Israel. If either PJB or Ron Paul really believes that, he is a fool, and sounds like an anti-Semite, to boot.

    Disclaimer: I am a gentile, born in Houston, Texas and a French-Canadian by descent, with no ties to Israel other than a deep respect for their wish to survive in a world which would like to see them removed from the face of the earth.


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