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Friday, February 17, 2012

KHNC 1360 AM

Folks, our first radio spots are going live on KHNC in Johnstown, Colorado. This is just north of Denver in the Fort Collins area, and reaches from Denver to (perhaps) as far north as Cheyenne. (40 miles to Denver, 60 to Cheyenne).

We are running there twice each day for the next 6 months, made possible by the support of a Patriot in the area. He picked up the bill, folks. He's not looking for pats on the back, so I'm not giving his name. But I am damn proud that he is among us.

The ad is pointing people to America527.org - so III Bloggers: I have updated the front page of America527.org and listed most of our blogs. Please check to make sure I have your blog listed. If not, zip me an email. Please also check your blogroll and add America527 when you get a chance. I want all of our new people to land on America527.org, get a brief introduction to us, and then start searching our blogs. Once I am relatively sure I have all of our blogs up there, I'll add the menu to the rest of the site.

If you check IIIPercent.com you'll notice I did the same thing - it is essentially a portal to our blogs. If I have not put your blog up there, let me know. And please add a recip when you get a chance. Links matter in the search engines.

If I haven't listed you on either site, it is an oversight. I have a LOT on my plate, and I miss things. Also, there is no particular order. Once a month I'll switch up the order so everyone gets a turn at the top. I don't know if it will make much difference.

So: We are going live in Denver. As soon as Russ at DumpDC is able to finish his work, we'll go live in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia on the Alex Jones Show.

Between the radio spots, the III Gear, and the PatComs that you are hosting and attending, and promotions of AP's Buy a Gun Day 2012, we will build the III and the broader Liberty Movement together.

III Gear: If you have ordered patches or cap/patch in the last week or so, I am waiting for my order of patches from the vendor. As soon as they come in I'll get them out, including Stickers if you ordered them. Also, a few of you who placed bigger orders (such as a shirt, cap, patches) I have sent your order out with a note that I owe you patches as soon as they come in.

A note about stickers: If you rec'd a batch of stickers that are off-center, let me know and I'll send you another batch. We are working from a printer, and the label sheets don't always feed as perfectly as I'd like.

If your order is screwed up, if I forgot to add something you ordered, or the wrong size, or ANYTHING, just let me know. I think I owe about 14 people patches and one or two I owe caps - but everything else has shipped. (Except flags, of course).

Finally: Flags - We have 11 pre-paid orders as I write this, and we need 14 more. Please order sooner rather than later. If you plan to order but are just waiting for a payday, zip me an email so I can factor it into the order I place.

And once more, my deepest appreciation to our Patriot in the Denver area for getting us on the air. It is a big deal.



  1. Way cool on the Denver spot! Many thanks to the generous patriot, and thanks to you, Sam, for all you're doing.

    The beer's on me if we ever meet face to face.

    Any way we can get the audio of the spot put on YouTube?

  2. Thanks Zoomie. We're working on getting a copy of the spot. I'll put it up as soon as we get it from the station.

    KHNC also streams online, I think.


  3. I tried adding it again, but it says it can't detect the feed for some reason.


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