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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Practical Gunfighting Basics

AP has a post up in which he admits that he is not very well-versed with revolvers. That kind of honesty regarding one's limitations is vital for training.

I have spoken with several current and former military (enough that I was surprised) who joined after the military switched to the Beretta, who admitted that they had very little or zero experience with the 1911.

I was very fortunate in my youth to have an Uncle who put a very wide variety of weapons in my hands and made me learn what he insisted I needed to know. He was a firm believer in Murphy's Law, and that in a bad situation I may only have access to a weapon that wasn't my own. If that was the case, he thought it was a good idea if I knew how it worked. Part of his teaching included his friends, cousins and siblings who visited every weekend who would bring a wide array of firearms.

Do you know the control layout on a S&W bottomfeeder from the 90's? Do you know where the safety is located on a Winchester 1300 and an Ithaca, Mini-14 and M1 Garand? Magazine releases?

The point: You probably know everything there is to know about the firearms in your home. Make it a point to learn about firearms you do not own or shoot, even if you never have any intention of buying that CZ-75, make sure you know how to snatch one off the floor in the middle of a CQB Cluster Foxtrot and get it running without thinking.

One more point about CQB: If you believe that violence in America is imminent and that you will be part of it, you'd better understand that many engagements will be at belt to belt range. You'll have to beat your enemy to death probably as often as you'll be forced to shoot.

If you started a Krav Maga crash course when I suggested it 18 months ago, you'd be more than ready for those ugly moments by now. If not, go and start a class now. You will be a different and more capable fighter after 6 months of serious Krav training. You do not want your first elbow to the face to happen in your living room from a member of the Stack coming into your lair.

And work on your blade skills. You'll be surprised how many fights you may need to end by bashing the other guy's head into a wall, or by ripping your KA-BAR through his leather jacket and spilling his guts on your pants, versus a double-tap from your favorite pistol at 21 feet.


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