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Monday, February 27, 2012

Mike Vanderboegh: A Failed & Diseased Soul

Mike Vanderboegh has worked for his entire adult life to start a war in America. He began as a Communist, and failed. Now he is trying to start his war from the Right.

Folks, as you know Mike has once again chosen to disrupt the community by turning his bayonet upon a Patriot. Many of you know the history, and some do not. I am not going to give Mike what he wants, which it to disrupt the work we have been doing here to advance the cause of Liberty.

About a year ago several senior members of our community stated publicly that anyone who continued to disrupt our efforts at cohesion would identify himself as a Provocateur. I imposed a cease-fire upon myself. I have ignored several attacks in the last year by Mike. I have not let anyone flame Mike from my blog.

It is time for those senior members to acknowledge the facts.

I will not devote any space on this blog to Mike beyond this single post.

I have created another monument to Mike, the link is below. It will live forever on the internet, long beyond Mike's mortal life, and I will update it as necessary. He has earned it.

Ladies, my language is not appropriate for delicate ears if you are easily offended.

Negative attacks work if they are not answered, and that is Mike's game. I created the new page because I refuse to permit this fight to take place within this community. I refuse to allow a Provocateur and Collaborator to disrupt the good, valuable work we have been doing for the III, for Liberty and for the republic.

I will not respond to any silliness Mike may choose to post. His game is to destroy, not to build. You will note at CA's place that I addressed Mike only once.

For the record regarding those people who are posting on Mike's site about me: Many are lying. I have met 2 men in this Movement face-to-face and shaken their hands. They are TL and Concerned American. Anyone else who claims to have met me is a liar.

I'm not really interested in discussing the matter on this thread, either. It is beneath us.



Link to the new Monument for Mike is here: FailedandDiseasedSoul.com.



  1. Daaaaaamn.....
    I found it funny that he preached his III Percent doctrine of No More Gun Laws, then after he gets busted (and slapped on the wrist) for CCW, he went down and GOT A PERMIT!!!!

  2. You've obviously seen this already but I added my take in two parts (maybe a few days late for most people to see it)

    Thank you for the pointer to the Landmines article. I was wondering why VDB was only ever referring to the fact of the conviction and not the details. It makes a lot more sense now.

    (I have a misdemeanor assault conviction, which I got only because I told both the cops and the judge the truth - and the judge said as much)

  3. Good on you, Sam. State your piece and let it go.

    Besides, in this day and age, and in these current circumstances, we are all felons or we aren't trying hard enough.

  4. "Mistrust-the-government-unless-they-convict-or-publish-spin-then-believe-every-word-that-cometh-from-the-mouth-of-government".

    Sounds like a winning plan to me.

  5. I did a post on buttriloquist.

    When I heard it last night, He was the first thought in my head.

  6. We seem to have a difference of opinion regarding the prosecution of our resistance. I can't say that I agree completely with Mike all the time but I can truthfully say the same about Kerodin. Whether one or the other is harming the effort is for history to decide but this constant wrangling in public cannot help Kerodin or Mike and can only cause a split in our forces. I suggest you both knock it off!

    I will place this identical post on Sipsey Street.

  7. I severed all links to him and his blog from my 4th tier blog months ago. His habit of attacking others became annoying.

  8. Our Founders knew a thing or two about a thing or two.

    "Unite or Die."

    About time we reposition the circular firing squad, eh?
    - Cato, the American.

  9. Gentlemen, thank you all. I rarely go out hunting for a fight, and I often ignore fights that come looking for me. But sometimes, one simply has to handle an attack.

    Cato: There is no circular firing squad. Every single one of us in this community is facing the same Enemy - until Mike chooses to turn and point his bayonet at me, or Baugh, or any number of other Patriots over the years.

    I also note that you do not think enough of me and my contribution to the III to include this site on your blogroll. Let me know when that changes, and I'll give your counsel a bit more weight.


  10. Is it true that Mike receives a monthly disability check from the government? If true, is his attack on "collectivism" hypocritical?

    1. Yep. You'll have to hunt for it,, but it's all over his own blog.


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