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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You are a III Leader

UPDATE: Bernake warns Congress that the country is heading for the cliff by the end of this year. He's not raising the alarm so we can find a fix, he simply wants to print more money to fatten the wallets of his friends before the implosion. Here's the link.

RevWarIII festivities will begin with an economic implosion. This has been my position for quite a while, and the numbers continue to erode, despite the spin from Washington and the outright manipulation of economic reports. Drudge has a few articles linked today that tell the truth about the economy.

If you read this blog, you have already become a Leader of Restoration, even if you do not see yourself as a Leader, even if you do not know another single Soul in your AO, even if you do not want the job.

Tag - you're it in your AO.

Why? Because you are the most informed in your AO. You are probably well armed. You have considered your AO in an environment without Government, or with heavy-handed Government. You have considered hordes of Bad People who will be hunting for food and treasure. You have considered how to defend your home, or you have decided where you will go to make your stand.

When implosion happens, you will be the guy in your AO who is ahead of the curve.

Sorry, that's simply the way it is, folks.

You will have many neighbors who are unprepared for the festivities. You will have some very hard decisions to take. Who do you feed? Who do you arm? Who do you trust with the knowledge that you have food and arms? Who do you put on the perimeter of the street? Who do you trust to patrol the neighborhood? What do you do when one of your Tribe takes stupid decisions that imperil the rest? What do you do when your 13 year old daughter weeps because her little boyfriend from school is starving in another neighborhood, and she pleads for you to help...or she sneaks out to be with the one true love of her life?

Do you have hard copies of the DoI, BoR & Constitution to hand out to your expanded Tribe so they understand the goals? Do you have hard copies of a manual that outlines the rules of the Tribe that you can give people who are folded into your protection? Does your manual detail punishment for infractions? Do you have a course outline in hard copy format that will help teach the basics of patrol, guard duty, ambush, and other aspects of survival in a world that has brought a physician to your door who has never held a firearm?

By the simple fact that you have thought of such things, you have taken steps to protect and preserve your family, the other folks in the neighborhood who want to survive (who are worthy of survival), will look to you for answers.

You have your preps. You have decided if you will dig in or didi.

Are you ready for the Leadership role that circumstances will impose upon you?

Think about it.


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