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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is the KA-Bar I rec'd recently for the SHTF Project. The sheath is a fast-draw rig made by Victor Aguilar. We'll be teaching a female model how to bring the knife into action from the fast-draw. Victor claims it can be done in a second or two.

This is my first time ever handling a KA-BAR. It is the USMC version with a serrated edge near the hilt. This knife impresses me. It is rock-solid. I'm looking forward to training with it to bring you a full review.

The bag is a Condor EDC. It is pretty awesome, too. A modern Possibles Bag, it has room for basic tactical gear that you may want if you had to go hunting for a bad guy in your house or yard. We'll be including a full report on all of these items in the SHTF Project.

Weigh in on this if you wish: I have rec'd several pieces of Condor gear for the SHTF Project, and of course the Tactical Caps we've been sending out are all Condor. The 527 is capable of setting up a wholesale account with Condor, which means we can get gear and offer it to our community well below retail. Does that sort of thing interest anyone? If so, I'll consider setting up the 527 with wholesale accounts with several gear suppliers so we can all save a few bucks.

Let me know.


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  1. Love the Ka-Bars. Got a couple, one (http://tomarskabars.com/1245_INFO.html)
    stays in my BOB.

    If you can get a deal on the Condor line, I'd be interested.


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