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Friday, February 10, 2012

Radio: WSVG & WAMM Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Radio: We have a Patriot picking up the tab for a spot in the Denver area, as I mentioned earlier. That is awesome.

I am looking at a pair of stations that broadcast in central Virginia. The coverage map above shows that the signal reaches from the edge of Charlottesville (Jefferon's Monticello) to nearly Cumberland in Maryland. The series of cities: Luray, Winchester, Front Royal and Culpeper are all in Virginia, and believe it or not there is a LOT of commuter traffic from those communities into the DC area for work every day. This area also fits with our III to Liberty gun shop project.

Alex Jones runs on these stations during afternoon drive, from 4-7pm.

I am in talks to do a trial run of 3 spots per day for a month on the Alex Jones show to test the waters.

Does anyone reading this blog also listen to Jones on those stations? How's the signal? Hows the station? Professional? Amateur? Any insights would be great.

Thank you all who have supported our radio efforts with donations and gear purchases.

III Gear: Shirts are in the shop, and all outstanding orders from Jan 28 through today will ship this weekend. If you happen to open your package and something isn't right, PLEASE don't hesitate to drop me a line. If you have the wrong size, or something is missing, let me know.

Thanks again, folks - and keep supporting through donations and gear.

Final: Is there any gear you'd like us to add? Change shirt colors? Weigh-in, folks.



  1. Sam, I hope you'll post a podcast or Youtube clip of the commercial for those of us that won't be able to hear it on the radio for one reason or another.
    What about Threeper flags - different qualities at different prices. The only one I found is nylon - I'd like to own a good, quality, stitched flag.

  2. Can't help, but that area includes Mosby Country, Fauquier and Loudon Counties, where I grew up and Winchester is the site of the national black power event each year, as I remember.

  3. Please, please, please, do not run an ad in Maryland! It comes back to a lesson I learned a long time ago in the Army: Do all your unconventional actions far away from the flagpole! It brings unwanted attention! Don't poke the sleeping bear. For all we know, the liberty movement is more or less a forgotten thought in many in the evil factions of DC's minds. It's best to keep it that way for now; it buys us time. The moment you stir up a storm in DC, the timetable speeds up and works against liberty. That means less resources for the rest of the folks, and less time to acquire means necessary to prevent evil from coming to power. Please, wait! Run the ad in Texas, or Georgia, or Maine, but running it in DC area may well accelerate the timetable and bring undue, and early attention by the forces that you're working against. There's no telling if these sites aren't already under surveillance by bad forces, but if you poke them in the eye, they damn sure will be, and if they already are, it will be with a new vengeance. Let the sleeping bear lie, at least for a while. Give the people time.

  4. About the T shirts.....maybe add a 3x for those of us that are large, or just plain like a loose fitting T shirt.


  5. Lets not wait past 2012. We know Obama is gonna get re- elected. We know the same republican establishment will get re-elected. We need to move together if we can before its to late. I hope Obama gets re-elected, maybe that will move us. Otherwise the old frog in the pot story might get us all! Weve lost enough rights already. They have declared war on patriots already. Lets be patriots or quit talking about it!


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