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Friday, February 10, 2012

What has the NRA done to protect 2A?

I don't know about you, perhaps I am simply cynical, but I simply do not find any evidence that NRA is genuinely a serious force for 2A Rights.

I think NRA has become part of the Washington Establishment, feeding from the trough.

NRA today declared that President Obama intends to "excise" 2A in a second term.

Maybe I am wrong - but I bet you'll find urgent requests for donations following in the next few days or week from NRA.

Perhaps I am simply too hardcore in my position. Perhaps, as NRA says, there is a place in our world for "Reasonable" gun control laws.

Perhaps I am simply an unreasonable S.O.B.

When they begin using their power to seriously enforce the intent of 2A, I will stand corrected.

Until then, they will never get another dime from the Kerodin family.

Here's the piece with NRA's CPAC speech.



  1. The NRA has not been about real 2A for a long time.

    Anytime anyone asks them to help on another constitutional matter, they balk. "We are a 2A org".

    They fail to realize, no they don't give a rats ass that all our liberties outlined in the DoI, BoR & Constitution are all intertwined. Without one, they rest will crumble.

    So to just support 2A and thumb your nose at the rest is all the proof I need.

    Fuck Em

  2. I don't trust them.

    GOA, all the way, Sir!:)

  3. What has the NRA done to protect 2A?

    Nothing. I decided quite a while ago that they are nothing more than political lapdogs. I give my money to JPFO...and I'm not even Jewish.
    Miss Violet

  4. I joined (again) about 4 years ago when I was on a 4 day drunk. I won't renew next year when it's time.

  5. I dropped my membership with them over 5 years ago. I now support GOA and JPFO. Even so, they have tracked my move to continue to try and get me back: I recently received a letter from them requesting my involvment on a local level. The only way they could track that is through Gun purchases I have made.
    They are corrupt to the core the same as the people they placate in DC. They have done NOTHING to protect my rights as a gun owner and they sure didn't stop any of the legislation starting in 68 to curtail further transgressions.

    Reasonable control was what the Founders prescribed. You get your guns, and if you screw up, they take them. No restrictions until you prove yourself incapable of ownership. and that goes back to why I believe they should have left the "Property" alone and left that "happiness" out.

  6. Ditto...I dumped em in 95, never looked back

  7. The NRA has been responsible for helping in the writing of most of the gun control legislation since '68 GCA and even before. They claim it would have been "worse" otherwise, but this is not true. It is simply that they need gun control or they have nor reason for existing and no way of enjoying their large salaries and their significant involvement in the DC power game. They are not the friend of the Second Amendment. They often - as with the Lautenberg Amendment - do not tell their members of upcoming gun control legislation that is extremely damaging (one of the reason I quit back then, after having been a member for over twenty years).

    Here is an old article that explains some of it:


    If you want to belong to an organizations that truly fights for 2SA, join GOA (Larry Pratt is a real friend of the Second) and JPFO. The Second Amendment Foundation does some good work as well. Often the NRA tries (successfully, unfortunately) to take credit for good work that GOA and SAF have actually done the work on.

    Don't fall for the claim that we need to support them simply because they are the biggest dog in the fight. There ain't no fight in that dog. They get along with all of the scum who support gun control. That's their entire reason for existing and sending out their frequent requests for more donations, over and above the dues. Without their Brady buddies as well as Schumer, et al, they would be out of a job.

  8. Indeed a dead and virtually useless org. They never really have been about 2A. I had some life members in my family,but i haven't sent any fundage their way in 2 decades,nor will i ever again. JPFO gets my dough.



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