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Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Buy a Gun Day

UPDATE: This matters, folks. We are preparing to run a series of ads in the Denver market due to the financial support of a serious Patriot. We are also looking at several markets that carry Alex Jones.

So, if you can help drop some bucks into the radio fund, please hit the donate button or go and order some more III Gear at IIIGear.com

And read below - we'll be supporting AP's Buy a Gun Day with cash awards!


Arctic Patriot has taken point on an outstanding effort to coordinate Patriots to make a gun purchase on Election Day.

We'll be throwing in our support, and helping 6 different Patriots with a cash award! Five people will win $100 gift certificates to their favorite gun shop on Election Day, and one Patriot will win $500!

Read about it, here.



  1. Thanks to that Patriot for the financial support for the Denver market !


  2. Kerodin:I am a professional VoiceOver artist and so is my wife. You are going to need a.voice for your radio.spots. Instead of donating cash, I am willing to donate my voice and will donate the audio editing and production for your ads. Let me know if you're interested. Russ Longcore, www.DumpDC.com


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