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Friday, February 10, 2012

Liberty? Not so much

People are talking about the details of Steve Jobs' life today. Many are discussing his GPA in school.

The source of the data? His FBI file.

Not once have I heard a single question, alarm, bit of outrage that the FBI keeps such files...

We all know they do it. It is not a secret. But such casual acceptance of the fact is a direct indictment of the attitude of the vast majority of Americans.

They don't care.

If such a file is not the absolute definition of a Police State and the absolute inverse of Liberty, I don't know what better example to offer.

Patriots, if you are with me in the hope to one day have Liberty become the most important possession of our Countrymen once again, I offer that the only way to do that is to be rid of those Americans who are not innately hard-wired for Liberty.

No, not genocide.

But we can not teach Liberty as the default line in the sand to anyone over the age of 3, I contend. Those hundreds of millions among us who have no use or respect for Liberty: Leave them alone so long as they do not interfere with your Liberty.

But those tens of millions who actively advocate restricting your Liberty: They have to go. They have to leave our shores. Put them on a ship, a plane, a bus, or make them walk to our northern or southern borders and leave.

I see no alternative to perpetual slavery in America.



  1. Yep thats it hard wired for liberty! #2 gauge wire, copper not that aluminum crap from the 70s.Thats the problem Americans have went wireless and ball less. Its getting closer by the day!


  2. One of the best ways I have found for educating people for liberty is The On Line Freedom Academy.

  3. I'm with ya all the way.


  4. Supposedly the FBI only had a file on him due to a potential presidential appointment. True or not, who knows? But that's the justification being given.

  5. Sadly, people will not change except for the very few who may be able to think for themselves. Those who do not care (zombie types?) far outnumber those few who do ...
    think Germany in the 1930's. Those in power know this and are using it against those of us who do believe in liberty and the Constitution/Bill of Rights.


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