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Friday, February 10, 2012

This is how wars begin...

I have mentioned several times that the Banksters in Europe may try to recover their money from the PIIGS by using the military of other EU States.

And this outstanding piece from ZeroHedge, sent to me by Mike C, demonstrates a genuine escalation toward serious international conflict.

The Greeks have been, essentially, flipping-off the rest of Europe over austerity. They've taken a few cuts, to be sure. But they are tired of the demands, and their national pride is becoming engaged.

The situation is becoming, in the minds of the average Greek, Us versus Them...as such matters always devolve when push comes to shove. People fall back to Tribe.

The Greek national Police Union is now threatening to arrest IMF and EU officials for blackmail and other crimes against the Greek people.

Good on the Greeks.

I have respect for any people, even people I must put in the category of Enemies, who have FU in their DNA. (I do not consider the Greeks enemies, at all. They are Socialists, but the Banksters knew that when they loaned the money...)

We are watching the opening days of our next global war, folks.

This time, the Leaders in America are cheering for the other side.

Here's the piece. Thanks, Mike. (You'll remember that Mike won our Benchmade folder giveaway)


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  1. How soon before we start seeing NATO and blue piss pot troops landing on the shores of the Greek Isles.

    I hope the Greeks stay defiant in the face of this crap. Far to long the PTB's have taken advantage of the common folk. Scores are fix'n to be settled.


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