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Monday, March 5, 2012

Criminal, on so many levels...

Speculators have a very long history and many cultures put them on a par with lawyers and politicians.

The ties that bind are on display, as our Political Class is about to bail out (give your money) to housing speculators who drove up (inflated the bubble) the housing market before it crashed. Since those poor speculators lost money, the Government will give them your money to make their owies go away.

This is just more criminal behavior. Those giving away the money and those taking it are wrong. Remember that when it is time.

Here's the story.


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  1. "Russell, a retired Chrysler executive whose pension was cut during the automaker’s 2009 bankruptcy, said two houses are in foreclosure and he can’t afford to keep them without the federal government’s help."

    What scum. And I wonder if this Timothy Massad is any relation of Ayoob. Just curious.

    I had a cruising catamaran I took an 65K loss on when I sold it. Since it was my only "home" at the time, I guess I should have begged Barry Soetero to bail me out. But then, I wasn't a Chrysler exec with a "reduced" yearly retirement that more than likely exceeded the cost of my boat. The savings I am living off of are probably less than his yearly retirement.

    These "connected" assh*les feel as entitled as the drones on welfare. If you only knew for sure who some of these folks were (that were living near you), dropping the hammer might be a treat.


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