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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Camouflage and Concealment 101

I like Tiger Stripe patterns...but not for blending in. I simply find them aesthetically appealing. When I choose to wear them it is never more than pants, I wear a solid mock shirt or a "tactical dress" shirt with tiger pants, and it is never for concealment. It is a telegraph, a deliberate message designed to broadcast. Thus, I never wear this outfit. I have it in my Go Bag, just in case. Sure, the pants would offer a bit of concealment, along with a black top if I am up to something at night...but, again, that's not the point.

the real cammies in my Go Bag are blue jeans, a button down dress shirt that is big enough to hang loosely, and sneakers. I also have a button down shirt with an embroidered logo for a blue collar company. I also have a cap. With such an outfit I can go anywhere in the city or 'burbs without drawing attention. If I throw a tool pouch over my shoulder I can walk into any office or restaurant without a glance, and have access to the entire building.

I know it works. Try it sometime. Make it one of your Team exercises to access places that would otherwise be off limits to you.

Urban and suburban camo is a skillset you need to master. One of the keys is confidence. You'll be surprised how many other places in life that confidence will be useful.

John Mosby discusses camo in his post tonight, here.

Remember, no matter where you are, camo is simply the practice of blending in with your surroundings. Tiger Stripes in the 'burbs is not camo - it is a billboard.



  1. Huh, mine is a pair of Carhartt twill pants and a BDU shirt, both pretty common wear around here, as well as being practical in the nearby grazelands.

  2. That's how you do that. You probably wouldn't earn a second look from the Bad People...until it's too late.


  3. Hey, you've seen pictures of me. I look more like the bad guys than the bad guys do.

  4. Another thing to remember is the projection of attitude.

    Act like you belong there and most times no one will even question you.

  5. Add a clipboard...always looks official.


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