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Sunday, March 4, 2012

III Gear Update

OK Folks: Every remaining order I have on the books is going to the Post Office tomorrow morning. That means you should have your order, whatever it is and whenever I sent it, by no later than Thursday of this week. (The III Patriot in Alaska, I can't promise yours will be on the same timeline, but it is in the mail).

I have 3 of you who I owe Tactical Caps - we ran out. Sorry. I already had a replacement shipment coming from Condor, so I went ahead and filled the rest of your order, whatever you ordered, and included a note that we still owe you a cap. As soon as my new shipment arrives, I'll get them back out the door to you. If everything goes our way, you'll get your caps by Fri/Sat this week.

If we screwed anything up, let me know. If we put the wrong size shirt in your package, or we slipped in the wrong stickers, just shoot me an email or yell at me through the blog. DO NOT go back to PayPal and pay twice! Some of you have hearts that are simply too big for your own good. Just let me know how we messed up, and we'll fix it. ;)

Of course, this does not include III Flags. I do not expect them in my shop until early next week.

By the way: Michael, your books are in the same outbound shipment, you should have them in a few days.

Thank you all for the support, folks. This is how we are able to pay for radio ads and do the other work that is building the Liberty message.



  1. SOunds to me like your hands are full just keeping up with the orders!

  2. Thank you sir I am looking forward to distributing the books and I re-entered my order for the flag. I had hoped to have it for display at the gun show but it is what it is. Thanks for your efforts...


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