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Thursday, March 22, 2012


UPDATE: Folks - Curtis emailed. He's been doing this a long time, and has seen the cycles up-close and personal for 30 years.

He's tired. I can't blame him. I have been at this a fraction of that time, and I often feel we get a little bit of traction, then slip all the way down the hill again. He's been at this for decades.

He's deleted his blog. http://battlefieldusa.wordpress.com/ remains up with most of his content.

He'll be around. His daily voice will be missed by me. But I respect his decision to take a different role for now, focus on other aspects of what we face.

Keep him and his family in your thoughts.

I will.



Are you out there? Blogger is saying some very bad things about your site!

Like - "This blog no longer exists..."

Send up a flare, we'll send in a Team!



  1. It is back up now.

    Maybe they are seeing how close we are watching each others back.


  2. He's still there, just clicked on him 9:15 central. Just another Blogger glitch...

  3. I tried at 10:30 pm est and nobody was home.

    Mike M.

  4. Something is up with his site, just checked 10:00p.m. MST

    Still down.

    Anyone got his e-mail?

  5. I sent him an email, I'll let everyone know when I hear from him.

    I suspect it's just a glitch.


  6. I just need help with the bodies. And maybe a band-aide. And some ice.


    Rash maybe... but I didn't feel like singing a song. Haven't gone anywhere. I am still here.


  7. His blog is down as of 5 minutes ago.


  8. His blog is down as of 5 minutes ago.

  9. God bless, C. Thanks for everything.

    See you in Berlin.

    -- CA

  10. Sorry, the blog at causapatet.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

    I just hope he removed it, and no one else.

    That being said, I'm almost at that point myself.

    I'm dragging it over the hump still, but not for very much longer. I know how he feels. The stupid drains you like a vampire...

  11. Damn, lost another one. Seen too many go in the last couple years, and way too many going silent of late. Not good when we're the only real voice of Freedom...

  12. I liked his blog. I often copy and pasted links to the stories he had on it to other comment boards to help educate others. It saved me a lot of time trying to find things myself.

    It can be frustrating, however, to inform those who have been programmed for decades with the lies broadcast by the establishment media and expect them do anything about it much less believe you.

    I was one of those who was duped by the media (Republicans are the answer, big oil causes inflation, etc.) Then I was informed about what is going on now over 30 years ago and guess what? We are duplicating the exact cycle of events that happened in the 1970s!

    History is repeating itself!

    John Shield LV, CA

  13. Craig, I've been doing this in one form and another for almost 30 years. In those 30 years, I have seen the "patriot movement" rise and fall with the emotions of the moment. I've seen it peak wide eyed and then slumber. Everything I could say tomorrow, I have said in the past 30 years. I have rehashed liberty. I have rehashed freedom. I have rehashed the path that we are on... remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where we will be. And here we are... 30 years later. Nooooo... A little observation... When I was an Oath Keeper before I got kicked for being too radical, I used to tell the members that the only reason why most of them were there, was because of Obama. If Bush has been elected again, or if McCain had been elected, most of them would have crawled back into bed to slumber. Where were they when Bush was raping us? Where were they when Bush daddy was raping us? Where were they when Reagan was raping us? And so it will be, for the most part, when/if a repukocrat is elected this next election, that most (not all) "patriots" will crawl back into bed and slumber. Guaranteed. The sad thing is, while they are slumbering, not one Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon... diktat has/will be erased. Sure, they may give us a temporary respite with the next president. They may give us a sense of false... fresh air... then again, they might not. But nothing has/will change. As Toaster says... "The stupid drains you like a vampire..." Imagine 30 years of stupid.

    Delete, delete, delete... otherwise, I might as well have my own blog. And I really don't feel like rehashing 30 years of that which has been and is ignored anyhow that has been said...

    I'm taking care of myself and my family. I have things I need to do that I have neglected, some which were overcome by my blogging and incessant reading. I am not going to try to babysit the AmeriKan public who may have by chance came to my blog anymore.

    So carry on, and G-d bless. And by the way, this isn't an indictment of... well... you know who you are. And those who do know who they are, certainly don't need my endorsement as you are self-evident.


    1. I can certainly understand your reasons. Thanks Curtis, for letting us know. See ya on the flip side, I hope.


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