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Thursday, March 22, 2012

OWS Dumped Feces & Urine In ATM Vestibule And Down Stairs

Read that headline again.

Do you understand who wants to run your life, what sort of people demand to have the power to tell you how to live - at the barrel of a Government weapon?

I have been very patient and considerate regarding our brain cramp over the wording of our first sticker. And believe me, I get all of the marketing implications, I get the implications of proximity of such words to our youngsters, I get the fact that it seems gratuitously offensive to many of our Patriots.

I, for one, am done with polite talk. I made that argument years ago when I wrote Our Fathers Weep. I made it again in III to Liberty. And I have made it countless times on this blog, others, and at Kerodin.com.

I, for one, understand that our youngsters are likely to get a Third-World education in ugly, up close and personal.

My grandfather had a simple lesson regarding proper behavior: You treat a Lady like a Lady, so long as she behaves like a Lady.

He wasn't talking about Ladies, only. He was applying those words to say: Give what you get, when it gives you an advantage. Do what you have to do. There is a time to get ugly.

I understand walk softly and carry a big stick.

I also understand the power of rhetoric.

And I understand the power of action. Real action.

Our enemies understand. Our enemies are in the classrooms, on the Bench, in political office, in the banks and boardrooms, They own the FSA and the Suburban FSA (Soccer moms who want their BMW SUV and their free healthcare and Social Security) and they are unleashing their Useful Idiots on the Green...right now.

Let's move Forward, on all fronts, on all levels of rhetoric and action.

If we remain where we are, the Enemies of Liberty will do away with us very soon.

Let's lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

Here's the story from the headline.



  1. I just had a huge argument with my sister-in-law over the whole subsidized birth control thing. She and her husband both drive new vehicles, get every new apple product that comes out within weeks of it coming out, go on two vacations every summer, etc. He's a lawyer for the state; she does photography and a couple of other odd jobs (that I suspect don't get noted in tax records). She's morbidly obese and diabetic, but complains constantly about her mother saying something when she eats a big-ass piece of cake, because all she has to do is "key in some numbers to get more insulin, so what's the big deal?". We pay for her healthcare, because she's on state insurance through her husband's work.

    The bulk of the free $#|+ army doesn't live in the hood. They are rich, white, entitled folks demanding that someone else pay for the stuff in their life that isn't "fun" to buy (although I rather enjoy buying birth control, myself, so I don't get what the deal is). They live in gated communities, ride around in small SUVs with COEXIST bumper stickers on the back, and believe themselves more charitable than others because they are willing to use government force to pay for whatever dysgenic social program happens to be in vogue at the moment. They don't see the value of knowing their neighbors; after all, when you think of theft from the productive as charity, you don't have to do crap for anybody around you with your own resources. And one thing these public sector employees are good at (other than being a pompous, useless mass of adipose tissue) is making sure THEIR bennies aren't cut under any circumstance.

    So, when the math catches up with the state, as it invariably will, I expect their screeching and nastiness to keep getting worse. The day will come when they will ask me for help (after years of calling me every name in the book for my beliefs, including the slanted suggestion the other day that I'm pro-rape because of my stance on paying for their birth control). I'll tell them to go to the mob of underclass FSA folks and assert their right for free healthcare there.

    Restoration of our Republic is as much about who you don't choose to save as who you do.


    1. Amen. I've tried to tell others how senseless it is to think of saving those grasshoppers who bitch and moan and insult you for prepping, for wishing to be left alone by .gov, who continue to spend all their money playing, while _expecting_ you to invite them in when TSHTF, just because they are related to you or your wife.

      F*ck them. Blood is NOT thicker than water, and if you try to save them, they will bring you down and destroy any chance you have of saving your own family, or helping those friends who have supported you and want to stand with you when it gets rough.

      I'm (among a lot of other jobs in my life) an RN, and it never ceases to frickin' amaze me when people smoke, overeat, take drugs, and turn themselves into Jabba the Hut and then whine that they just can't do anything about it, give me some medicine to fix it.

      I've had a couple of Vietnam Vets I had on my unit who got themselves completely off of insulin just by eating properly and exercising. Some slug who wants to take more insulin so she can eat cake just chaps the hell out of my ass. Just wait until she can't get insulin any more, or doesn't have electricity and can't keep it refrigerated.

      And these OWS animals should hold up a sign that says, "We're 99% of the idiots in this country." The Commies have always been successful in mobilizing these fools, back in the '60s and again today.

  2. Kerodin,

    I think you got so many answers re Zoomie simply because you asked and folks replied. I get the sense the majority here will back and support whatever is chosen. They were just stating a preference (at least I was). If it's dragging us down pick one and let's go.


  3. No link, but here's mine.


  4. Daniel,

    Sorry - I didn't mean it to sound as if the two were related and I was frustrated. ;) The process for picking the right message is important.



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