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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Restore the Constitution: Our Patriotic Imperative

Holly likes this for our first sticker (same image)

Restore the Constitution!
Our Patriotic Imperative!

Restore the Constitution will be the first political goal of our III Organization (as we declared in III to Liberty). For you folks who hate the Constitution - don't hit the monitor. It is a waypoint. Let's get back to a place where Liberty matters again, then we can all go our separate ways. But as a means of unifying a group of people, the message and goal works.

Second: Unless someone talks me out of it, I am going to hammer our second political focus as a group to be the repeal of GCA '68 and NFA. We can add to that nationally recognized open/concealed carry.

Third: Do we need a third? If so, what? Items one and two are both political goals that are being neglected by every other political shop out there. Yes, GOA and JPFO are in the fight, but they have not declared a specific intent to repeal either GCA or NFA.

I think it was Rollory (sorry if my memory is failing me) who raised the question: "Why would a guy at a gun show drop $20 to "join" the III? What does the III 'do"?

Those are my answers. Restore the Constitution and repeal GCA/NFA & force national recognition of unmolested carry.

Please don't offer a comment if it is "politics is futile". We've been through that discussion ad nauseum. Most of us agree implosion is imminent. But what we do today matters. What we put in place during whatever time we have before implosion matters. What we do in the days during implosion will matter. And what we do in the aftermath will matter.

So, any constructive input is greatly appreciated. Should we chase different defining goals? Add more? Nuance?

Remember the world in which we are operating: Very few people have an attention span of more than a few seconds. Also, my intent is NOT to change minds or win hearts. I simply want to send up a red flare so people who already think as we do can find our camp.

Let me know your thoughts.



  1. As an outsider looking in what grabbed me was TLs call to form up with our rifles and state in clear English will surrender NO MORE of our liberates.If you want them we will fight.I am counting my personal fight against the bastards in decades so you understand what a big deal it was to hear somebody say what all the patriots I know are thinking.I want fucking blood.Plan on wiping my ass with the enemies of MY LIBERTY.I will have my little payback.Alone or with friends.
    Liberty Valance

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your stated objectives and your rationale. Well done. We can hash through the finer points in other venues ad nauseum but the importance of this brand as a rallying point for the lost and weary is paramount. I pledge to keep my rhetorical weapons holstered here at all times.


  3. Thank you for your efforts regarding the restoration of the Constitution. The artwork in your window sticker campaign is stunning and effective. However the tagline will unfortunately be unattractive to people of faith, especially conservative Christians (and moderates too). These groups should have significant numbers and you will want them involved, so a creative alternative should be available.

    J in NY

  4. " Restore the Constitution and repeal GCA/NFA & force national recognition of unmolested carry."

    Personally, the above says it all. I can't think of a third item to add myself, but perhaps some of the deep thinkers in our community can. Besides, realistically, just accomplishing those ideals is going to be a battle that will end in close quarters, if you know what I mean.

    We discussed the reaction of the NRA to us cutting into their beer money, but have you thought of the reaction we are going to get from the likes of Bloomberg with our declared objectives? It makes my heart go pitty pat just thinking about it. Krikies, it might even give the liberal fascist a heart attack. ;)

    As for the sticker, we obviously have two camps on the wording. They BOTH, I repeat, they BOTH are spot on and each has their value. So we either meet in the middle, or offer both, letting each Patriot follow their inclination. Enough quibbling, we've got stuff to do.

    Talk among yourselves, I have to go earn some worthless us dollars to pay for the predicted $8 a gallon gas coming....

    Miss Violet

    1. Miss Violet: This is where I find myself ok if we take a slightly softer tone with the sticker - because the poster will cause a few Liberals and Establishment R folks to stroke-out.

      I expect blowback.

      I do hope our Community understands what it really means to be on the radar in an active way, rather than just our typically "dismissed" rhetoric here online. When "They" do take notice, folks can expect the media spotlight from the Left and the Establishment. People can expect IRS to start looking closer. Business owners can expect "Safety" inspections more often, and regulators/bureaucrats looking for all of the proper details that will result in fines.

      And that's only if we earn a little of their annoyance.

      If we really tick them off, they have resources and dirty tricks few people really understand until they come for you.

      My position: Our Principles are morally sound, so if they mean to have a war, let it begin here...


    2. Well, "This ain't no fucking game" works both ways, right?


  5. I like the first 2 goals for the III also, I believe one more should be our limit. We should not spread it to thin. Accomplish as much as possible by coordinating efforts on a few large things like you mentioned instead of tens of small things that make no difference. Have 3 goals and work deliberately and passionately to accomplish them.

    Mike M.

    1. Thanks, Mike. I agree - we need to keep it simple, or we lose people. And those two topics are currently not the direct focus of any group out there.

      Not even Heritage or Cato want to "Restore the Constitution", but it is a simple message that will resonante across a big chunk of America.

      Our 2A agenda is also laser-focused. If we get rid of GCA & NFA, so many other aspects of Gun Control will die on the vine that we'll have real gain.


    2. Get rid of gun control and the government is no longer God. Every rifle, shotgun, or pistol that any of us keep is our own assertion that the government is not the sole power in our lives, that some of the power is ours. You get national right to carry, you've put a pretty big freaking crack in the power of the state. It'll widen on its own.


  6. "Let's get back to a place where Liberty matters again, then we can all go our separate ways..."

    Good call...



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