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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fundraising Day

Folks: Thank you to all who helped support the gun show project. We've raised enough to give it a run. There are aspects of the project that I'll have to wait to implement, but we raised enough to cover the basics and present a professional appearance.

Many of you who are routine supporters returned again, thank you.

There were also new faces, a couple of whom stepped up in a big way. Thank you.

An interesting note: 42 people answered the poll the other day and said they'd order a hoodie. As of this moment - 4 have followed through.

Ours is a small community. Money is tight. Time is short. How long can all of the clever, greedy Bad People keep the economy from Imploding? Especially when one factors into the equation those folks who are trying very hard to start a hot war? Personally, I think Bad People could keep the gerbil spinning the wheel for up to several years - if they were not also competing with the Communists who want Implosion for their political goals.

How many allies can we find in that window of opportunity? How many people will we meet by hitting gun shows, who share our perspective, that we would otherwise not meet if we did not try? That's impossible to quantify, obviously.

Here is where I agree with TL, Concerned American, Bill and many others: We have passed through the talking-phase. That doesn't mean we stop talking. On the contrary - we keep talking, even more loudly and aggressively. But our talk must lead to action and action must be taken. Now.

PatComs are action. Gun show recruiting is action. Prepping and training is action. Scouting your AO and making your operational plans is action.

Right this minute there is a very distinct difference between "Us" and "Them", and it is a difference I have been pointing out for almost 2 years: "They" are further along the action curve than are we.

They are posting bounties. They are in the streets. Occupy is re-populating.

Zimmerman is a dead man if "They" find him - and They are looking.

Here is another fact that I know in my heart: When people like you and me decide to act, we will bring more intensity, power, and determination to the fight than will they. They have numerical superiority, and they have Techy advantages, at first.

But they do not have Principles for which they will die...only for which they will send others to kill.

Now, Patriots, make every single day a day that you take some quantifiable action. Even if you only add another can of corn to the pantry...even if you just drop by the local gun shop to talk and get some scuttlebutt...do something, every single day that is action.

I'll be doing the same, with you, right up until the time when we go to the Green.

Resist - Yes. Of course.

Now is time to add to that: Act.


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