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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An interesting Zimmerman twist...might this signal that Jackson & Sharpton are winning and will get Black and White shooting at each other?

A group of lawyers in Texas has offered up $10,000 for Zimmerman's legal bills.

Are Gun Owners daring peek from mama's skirts and squeek at Sharpton and the other Race-Baiters? Or is a small unknown Texas gun-group making a headline and trying to get a spot at the big-boys table?

This is a step in the right direction. Now when a group of armed NRA members takes the decision to set up a perimeter around the guy's home, I'll believe we are headed in the right political direction. Make no mistake, guns and politics are never, ever mutually exclusive.

Would I ask local III to do it, to step in and set up a perimeter? Nope. Until the mainstream NRA folks understand that this coming Ruckus involves them, too, why should we carry their weight?

Does that mean the III casts Zimmerman to the dogs? Nope. I think the III understands each man carrying his own weight...and most of us will die carrying our own.

It is what it is.

So, good for the "Gun Lawyers" who are stepping up to the "Lawyer" part. Now let's see them step up to the "Gun" part.

Here's the story.

And in a related note: A group of black teens jump a hispanic teen with a 10:1 advantage. Here's that story.



  1. the shadow on the left should be wearin a "hoodie"

  2. I'm a NRA lifer. Biggest waste of money.



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