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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gun Sales Surge: Not just Right-Wing Extremists...

I like Liberty Safes. Their products are first class.

When I operated Kerodin International one of the professional services I offered was the design and construction of Safe Rooms. Whether the client wanted a room where he could keep the family safe long enough for LEO to respond, or he wanted his suburban basement to be capable of becoming a locked-down safe zone complete with NBC protections, capable of keeping his family safe for up to 90 days, I designed the space.

The media today is pushing the meme that recent gun sales are surging simply because Right Wing Extremists are buying because President Obama will crush 2A after November.

Without any other data points, it is impossible to dispute the meme.

Today I spoke with an Exec at Liberty Safes, and found another data point that suggests the surge in gun sales is part of a bigger, more mainstream concern that rough times are ahead, and "average" Americans are buying safes to protect their valuables.

You heard the other day that Ruger can't keep up with orders. They simply can't build firearms fast enough to satisfy orders.

Liberty Safe is having the same problem, but worse. They are so far behind demand, unable to build safes fast enough, that they are not accepting new dealers for the forseeable future. They are not even trying to sell any more safes!

They simply can't build safes fast enough to satisfy demand.

Connect the dots: Guns and safes are in such demand that the only reasonable conclusion is that "Average" Americans are doing the buying.

Add the demand for seeds and food preps, and you see very clearly that a large segment of "Average" and "Normal" (read not Right Wing Gun Nut Extremists) Americans sense a very rough time in our near future, and they are taking precautions to stock up on supplies, and they intend to keep what they have.

I was having a pissy day. Then a Patriot suggested hoodies. Then Bill Nye wrote and said he was back. Now, I have the comfort of knowing that more Americans than I had anticipated may be ready to defend themselves, and are awake to what is imminent.

My day just keeps improving.

I am actually happy right now.


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  1. Hello Dude,

    Firearms associations began to suspect that political considerations were driving gun sales late last year as the number of background checks increased. Thanks for sharin it....


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