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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So, I got an email from this guy...

...and he is back on air.

Now I am happy.

Here's his new place. I suggest you man-up before heading that way. You aren't going to get much sugar-coating with Bill, and in the world today, that is a good thing.

Welcome back, Bill.



  1. The funny thing is he looks a lot meaner in person, ha ha! Just noticed the "V for Vendetta" on his forehead : ) I'm happy he is back too, Bill is a great guy and what you see is only a fraction of what you get in the flesh.

  2. It's not a V.... it's my prayer rug hump from bending down 5 times a day and thumping my forehead.... praying to allah the moon god.

    Bill Nye


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