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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gun Show Reports Needed

Hi folks,

Any insights you can give on the following shows:

York Tri-County (Pennsylvania) (600+ tables)

Philadelphia National Guard Armory (400+ Tables)

I am also considering Timonium (Maryland) for our first show (650 tables)

My first choice would be Chantilly, VA - but they have a waiting list that stretches into the years category...

I want our first shows to be with big crowds so we can get a good sampling for our message. Several cities don't really heat up in the Gun Show world until pre-hunting season.

General Update: We have established Wholesale/Dealer accounts with:
Cold Steel
SOG Knives
Traditions Firearms (RevWarI Repro only - non-FFL)
5.11 Tactical Clothing
Rothco Tactical Clothing

I think that's a pretty good start, when added to our primary purpose for attending shows, which is to meet III Patriots and offer our own III Gear.

Anyone have any suggestions for "Must-Have" Brands on the table?




  1. What about Fayetteville Nc? Then you could get our message out to soldiers at FT Bragg it's one of the most populated bases and it's the home of some people it would be good to have on our side. Special Operations and 82nd airborne division.

    1. Anon: Have you been to one of those shows personally? The promoter lists it as 400 tables, and I would imagine he gets a good bit of door traffic.


  2. I have been. A lot of people go there. Its not as big as the one in Raleigh because Fayetteville is a smaller city, but there are still a lot of people that go there. The only one that isn't as busy is the next one coming up on the 7th and 8th because they always have one on Easter weekend for some reason and the turn out isn't as good, but the rest usually are. They may have spots for 400 tables, but I don't think I have ever seen 400 tables there. I'm going to the next one on Easter weekend because Im staying in town, but that one never has as many vendors or customers.

    1. Thanks, these first-hand reports are essential for helping ensure we don't waste our limited resources.

      They also have a December show, that may be good timing.


    2. December might not be because people's money is tighter due to Christmas. Probably the best bet is the one on Jun 2-3 or Aug 4-5.

  3. If you can get to N/E Ohio it is best right after labor day, LOTS of hunters in these parts, I haven't hit many shows lately but will scope them out if needed. Give me the word, I'll hit every show find out tables, dates ... I still have many friends who get tables, so if you need me I'm here.


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