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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moral Stupidity and the Realities of the Human Animal

I have often stated that we are no longer a people, as a whole, capable of living in Liberty as intended by our Founding Generation, embodied in the DoI, Constitution and BoR. Too many are amoral, immoral and the herd must be culled. Hopefully, about 290 million of our neighbors will choose to leave.

But, if you think a tummy-shirt on a hard-bodied teen aged woman or a movie or lyrics in a song are the definitions of an amoral or immoral society, I would suggest you are mistaking morality for something it is not, never has been, and never will be.

Let's start from the basic truth: The Human Animal is an upper-paleolithic Hunter-Gatherer. We are hardwired to survive, procreate and conquer the best feeding grounds, watering holes and breeding partners. That is why sex and violence resonates with our lower brains. Ever notice how a man's blood pumps during a fight? Ever noticed how a woman's blood pumps when tending to her man after a fight, or how her blood pumps when she watches her man drag a deer up the slope after killing her dinner? That's how we are wired, folks. Not my rules, I simply recognize them.

We are wholly unsuited, as a species, for this "Modern World" that has evolved in the last 150 years. Our technology has surpassed our ability to wisely use it, which is why every new invention becomes weaponized.

When you look at Franklin and Jefferson as "Moral Examples" of how we should live our lives, and you cherry-pick some of their quotes to serve your ends, are you REALLY looking to their entire lives or simply choosing to ignore their sexual proclivities as your guide?

Have you lost all contact with reality?

Benjamin Franklin was a man deeply in touch with his testosterone. To this day Historians can't tell us the name of his baby-mama! That's right, William Franklin, Loyalist, was a bastard, and only a fool would think there is not a significant portion of the French gene-pool carrying DNA from Ben. Ever hear of The Hellfire Club?

And why do you think Ben was such a hit with the Ladies? He was charming. He was a Gentleman. He was almost always the smartest man in the room, and usually smarter than the top ten in the same room. And he was all man. Women like Men.

Jefferson? How old was Sally Hemmings the first time he bedded her? A black slave girl, with whom he added several children to the world.

George Washington? How about Sally Fairfax? How about the claims that ol' George was a gold digger as motivation for bedding and wedding Martha?

Get serious, people.

Here is the finest, most articulate quote I have ever read regarding what "Morality" meant to our Founding Generation: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. That was from the same Thomas Jefferson who was fond of Sally.

If you condemn a society for sex between 13-15 year-old kids, you condemn all of mankind, for our eternal history, and you really have little understanding of basic human anatomy and biology. You want your boys to be acting like men by age 15 but your daughters to wait until their 20's to be women? If you think teen sex is the reason we are failing as a nation, or it is the fault of teen aged girls in tummy-shirts, you are so far from the X Ring I simply can not be bothered.

Am I endorsing sex between my soon-to-be-teen niece and some boy? Hell no. And I will go out of my way to prevent it. I have a shovel just for the occasion. I already have the quiet little patch of woods picked for a fresh patch of daisies. But I also realize the base nature of the Human Animal - it's brain wiring, folks.

"Morality" is not infringing the equal rights of others.

Raise your family the way you see fit. Liberty is letting the other family do as they see fit - so long as the equal rights of others are not being infringed.

You don't like the tabloid covers at the grocery store, because you think your little darlin's are going to be traumatized? Talk to the store manager and get a check-out lane that is "Kid-Safe". Or, put enough community pressure on the store to drop the tabloids. Or, don't take your kids to the grocery store. Or, start your own friggin' store, sans tabloids.

But some people like the tabloids, and Liberty means leave them the hell alone to read their stinkin' tabloids.

Anyone standing at my side, who thinks we fight for the same thing because he thinks I am fighting to make women wear sleeves to their wrists and skirts to their socks, with the need to ask permission before looking a man in the eye or have a grown male family member in the room before she may speak is an idiot. He's a bigger idiot if he thinks I fight for anything less than Jefferson's definition - the Right of people to do as they damned-well please, where, when and with whom, so long as it is consensual and does not infringe the equal rights of others.

Would I prefer a world where no one was ever offended by anyone's words or actions or clothing choices? That'd be nice, huh?

Ever hear of Unicorns pooping Skittles?

People have found reasons to be offended by other people since...people!

Men and women should always keep their word to one another. People should always be nice, and when nice isn't possible, be polite, or avoid, until even that is not possible.

There is a LOT of stuff I'd rather not see. There is a LOT of stuff I'd prefer never happened, even between consenting adults.

But it simply isn't any of my damned business.

But you folks who preach "Liberty" and then want to stone (or verbally condemn) people for consensual engagements are simply not fighting for the same "Liberty" as am I.

Keep your nose out of other people's business. Shut your pie hole about other people and how they live their lives so long as they are not infringing your equal rights. That is the "Morality" America needs to recover if we are to survive as a nation of Liberty.

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

That is the beginning and end of my moral premise.



  1. Thanks, spot on!

    Semper Fi, 0321

  2. Sam,

    So very true, we humans are a flawed bunch, have been and always will be. I personally do not want to be ruled by the religious fanatics.... neither the Allah akbar bunch or the fundies and snake handlers that speak in tongue we have over here. Live and let live.

    I sent this to CA the other day, he posted it.... not to my surprise the results.

    "... Any revolution wishes to break slavery chains but when these chains are broken, another ones already ready. Since cave times nothing has changed and never will change, because the most artful, frequently the most corrupt always will impose himself to others. And depending on mood of the people, he will put on himself dictatorship or democracy clothes. But the person always will be the slave even if imagines that is free... Once, maybe, and to revive the free person, but the people always will be the slave".


    At this point I am more fearful of our own than I am of the progressives, intolerant bunch. The comments... crazy, druggie, Russian.


    Bill Nye

  3. Thanks, folks. Bill, your quote is dead-on.

    I recently had an email conversation and I explained, in a roundabout way, that when the "Fighting" was done, if Team Liberty had "Won", that's when the real killing would begin, because we've already seen that very few of us can agree on what "Liberty" actually means.

    There will be a LOT of Blue on Blue knife-in-the-neck action happening in friendly trenches before we are done with this thing.

    Because I am not willing to live under tyranny offered by the Left or the Right.


  4. In our AO, it'll be 'live and let live' so long as people don't try to jam any particular agenda down our throats to include anarchy, marxism, globalism, theocracy, progressivism, socialism, fascism, any form of collectivism, etc.

    People who wish to join a particular group of other like-minded people may certainly do so, provided they don't 'demand' a change of that group's by-laws before they join. People in a particular group of other like-minded people also have the inherent right to disallow others from joining their group.

    That is 'live and let live'....a concept I endorse and support.

  5. The issue I have with this is that the state of Liberty you describe is a snapshot, a moment in time. It says nothing about what happens before or - more importantly - after. Once created, what sustains it? As long as that question has not been answered, attempting to create that moment seems to me to be a likely waste of effort.

  6. Rollory: The same premise that was supposed to maintain it the first time - We the People.

    The moment We the People fail the premise - the premise fails.

    Human nature being what it is, one should expect cycles.


  7. Well said and where I am at. Leave me alone and you do whatever you want to do. Until that includes making me do something. Then it is leave me alone...or else.

    See you in PA.

  8. Spot on - except the "Sally Hemming" nonsense has been pretty well debunked outside "progressive" circles.


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