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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Machines: Big Bada-Boom

Many of us are familiar with machines in our professional lives. We know how they work, we know what will make them quit. When you get to a certain level of proficiency, you can get a good sense of what stresses are killing a particular machine and how long it may have before it surrenders.

It doesn't matter if you work on cars, HVAC systems, computers, dogs or people.

Each machine is designed, either by nature or man, to do a specific task for a general period of time, and I have never seen a machine yet that will work forever, without maintenance and/or fuel, without breaking down.

Several of you have seen me use the maintenance/fuel analogy regarding the Constitution. It is a machine, in a sense, and it requires two things to operate as designed: It needs maintenance (us) and it needs the proper fuel (Us, with morals).

Now look at "The Economy".

That is a machine based on real machines, tangibles, intangibles, and the worst possible facet: Human motive. "The Economy" is far, far beyond the ability of any man, any team of men, to maintain and keep running properly...except in one instance: Leave it the hell alone. "The Economy" gets screwed up when men manipulate it improperly for gain (please note the word improperly) and when men try to tinker with it, like a soundboard in a recording studio.

This is the one "machine" that needs an inverse level of human agency to keep running smoothly.

"The Economy" is made up by trillions of decisions every single day taken by billions of people, whose every single decision every day establish the price of rice in Indonesia and in DC. Left alone, "The Economy" will humm like a flawless engine.

But, men are what they are, and it will never be left alone. Bad people will manipulate for bad reasons, and *ahem* good-meaning people will manipulate for *ahem* good reasons and "fairness".

Today as I write this, both types of people have broken the machine of "The Economy".

And at this time, this machine is doomed, as best as I can determine. Neither group will step away until it implodes.

And it will Implode. Big-time. Big Bada-Boom.

That is the moment of opportunity for Liberty.

Keep your eye on that timeline.

Between now and then, Tribe-up. Prep. Develop your E&E protocols. Make certain they work. Build your tactical skills in malum prohibitum execution and making it home.

This is no time to go grey-man.

Stand up and be counted.

And when the opportunity presents, do what needs to be done that the next time the dust settles (post-implosion) there are no more meddling fools in our midst.



  1. Stated beautifully. All the talking head "ecomomists" could take a huge lesson, not to mention the egomaniacal politicians trying to micromanage our everyday lives.

  2. And it may come sooner than you think. Obama has definite plans to go "hog wild" Changing America after November, and he is assuring Putin that he _will_ be elected, and he _will_ give up our ability to defend our country. If you entertained any doubts before this, give them up:


  3. The economy, government, society, security, the Internet, and an individual human being is not a machine. It follows different laws, the laws of complex systems, extremistan as taleb calls them. They behave qualitatively differently. A machine always has the same consistent output from given inputs. Complex systems are predictably unpredictable, like a sand pile that continually is piled onto... You have risks of cascade failure, given enough time and sand, it will predictably occur. I study these systems for a living, and the extrapolation to our world are far more terrifying than a simple machine.

    1. Anon: So what you are saying is that my over-simplification is a rosey picture in comparison to the reality we face?



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