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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How did You get here?

Here is Kenny's story in his own words.

How many of you can relate? I sure can.

Some people have been III their entire lives.

I still think the Stars & Stripes is the most magnificent flag ever to fly a pole, because I see it for what it is meant to be, for what it can be, for the lives across the planet that are better because of it. Our flag has been abused by too many people. Our power in the world has been abused by too many of our Countrymen for all the wrong reasons.

When we are hated around the world, it is usually because of the abuses of power done in our names by people we have put in our Government, or permitted to remain in our Government.

Very few people in the world would hate Americans and the sight of the American Flag if we behaved like men and women who deserve to be called Americans.

I intend to fix that...or die trying.

...and when it comes to Kenny, I'd take him at his word. He'll let CharlieGodammit turn your poodle into a slut...

Here's the link.



  1. Brought a smile to my face to see my boy here. I love that freaking dog.

    I don't think my story is all that different than a lot of other Patriots out there. All of us have a line drawn even if we don't know where it is.


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