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Sunday, March 25, 2012

How many men and women did it take to start the Revolution?

UPDATE: Are you in, near, or able to get to Georgia next weekend to meet with other Patriots who intend to secure their AO when necessary? Here's the link at CA's place. By the way, the number below is disputed a bit, but most historians agree: About 80 men stood with John Parker. And they knew the British force headed their way had them outnumbered by about 10:1.

Think about those odds when you find yourself standing alone or in a small group of Patriots in Georgia, or Texas, or Pennsylvania, or Northern California...


Up until April 19th when John Parker picked up his kit and mustered his men (many of whom were family) to hunt the British, how many men and women were instrumental in bringing that event to fruition?

It is rhetorical, essentially. We can not give a firm number. There are names we know well from history, from Adams to Henry to Jefferson to Franklin. There are lesser known names who were among the men willing to disguise themselves as indians and head to Boston Harbor. There were others who burned the homes of Governors. Many were business owners. Many were skilled workmen.

But of the roughly one third of Americans (at that time 1/3 of Colonists was merely about 1.3 million across all the Colonies), how many were Sons of Liberty and similar who took action, rather than grumbled at the pub?

The number was small.

TL mentions that 32 people have committed to attending the Liberty Summit.

A few dozens more have attended and will attend PatComs in various locations.

What do we have among our community, perhaps 200 men and women, who are willing to "take action" of some sort, prior to meeting on the Green? And then how many will show on the Green?

Compare simple percentages (round up if it makes you feel better) and you will understand that the Enemies of Liberty exponentially outnumber the people who want liberty, much less those who will act for Liberty.

Are a few hundred modern Patriots like Patrick Henry sufficient or futile in 2012?

Sure, there are more III Patriots across the republic. (I still call it a republic, because I am stubborn). I have made it the task of this blog and my efforts, right up until it is time to go to the Green, to find as many of these III Patriots as possible and put them in contact with others in their AO, build morale and cohesion as force multipliers.

One thing is certain: Force on Force at the beginning of festivities is suicide. And with your death, so dies Liberty. This is a fight for the smart.

We have a few thousand every day who visit our blogs. A few hundred, by my guess,
(200) who will actually venture into the world of malum prohibitum prior to the Green. Where does that get us? Where does our current number compare with the number of men willing to take action prior to the Green in 1775?

Does such a small number of modern III Patriots have any value for agitprop?

I'm not sure. But that is where I am headed. That is my course. To find our allies and find Patriots who would have been dressed like indians on December 16, 1773.

Those of you who will make it to the Liberty Summit, I look forward to shaking your hands and meeting you. I will not participate in any confidential conversations. As I have said many times, Feds watch me. I will not be responsible for any Patriot catching a case. I will meet you, shake your hand, let you measure me, and then I will leave you to do what you will. What I do not know, I can never reveal, even by accident.

But I will be there. I will be proud to know you. When this is over, for whoever may be left, we will meet again.

Until then, consider your place in this struggle for Liberty. Recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. Understand how so few can change the course of history, when they stand on Principle and refuse to yield.

Here is TL's latest.



  1. Mr. Kerodin, Et Alia:

    You won't see me at any of those meetings because I ain't got enough money to buy gasoline for my pickup truck there and back.

    Xin loi.

    One of my favorite Hollywood movies is the 1960 production, "EXODUS", starring Paul Newman, Eva Marie Saint, Sal Mineo, and Lee J. Cobb.

    In the scene where Ari Ben Canaan, played by Paul Newman, and Kitty Fremont, played by Eva Marie Saint, are standing on the bridge of the ship, "EXODUS", and discussing the practicality of Israel's fight against the British to gain their independence a Jewish homeland.

    Kitty is saying that Israel has no chance, to which Ari Ben Canaan responds,

    "How many men were at Concord the day the shot heard 'round the world was fired?"

    Kitty answered, "I don't know."

    Ari Benn Canaan said, "Seventy-seven."

    Thank you.

    John Robert Mallernee
    Armed Forces Retirement Home
    Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

  2. The only way to starve the beast into a "managable" size is to start by opening the eyes of their quasi-mindless worshipers (aka Joe Sixpack).  This might be as simple as numerous non-connected non-joiner type folk across the nation engaging in activities similar to the "Counting Coup" activities found elsehere on this network. The most critical part of the exercise is to be able to repeat the actions without getting caught. This means using your heads, avoiding digital "foot prints" both at your home and at the scene (i.e.: cameras).
    Of course that's just an opinion and we all know the relative worth of that.

  3. "Nobody asked me but here's my advice
    To a young man or woman who's living this life
    In a world gone to hell where nobody's safe. Do not go quietly unto your grave.
    Learned a few tricks and I'll learn a few more,
    I got enough bullets to fight a small war.
    Nobody asked me so here's my advice
    To a young man or woman who's living this life
    In a world gone to hell where nobody's safe.
    Do not go quietly unto your grave."
    Lyrics from the a song by band Morphine.

  4. My comment over at Brock's place on a similar subject:

    According to the historical data in "Paul Revere's Ride", there were "about 75" of the 141 total of the Lexington militia men on the green. the number at Concord was "around 500". By the afternoon of April 19th, Americans numbered "2,000 strong" as they drove the British regulars in retreat back to Boston.

    I think we'd see similar results once the jack boots decide they really want to play in earnest...

  5. Ah, I see it was from JRM's comment above. Right number (close enough), wrong town. But hey, that's Hollywood...

  6. Kerodin I will proudly represent my area at Brock's place for the NC PATCON and hopefully bring one or two with me. I hope to one day meet you, TL, Arctic Patriot and the others who daily bring forth the message of Liberty. If that day does not come it will most probably be because we are gone from this earth. I do not know in truth how many there are who are really willing to stand but it has been said that 300 Spartans held their ground against an army 1000 times their size and by doing so gave the rest of Greece the time, the courage and strength of conviction to stand and repel an invading army. In the words General John Stark the commander of the NH (my native state) Militia during the first revolution sent onto his men at a event in 1809 to commemorate the Battle of Bennington , "Live free or die, death is not the worst of evils."


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