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Saturday, March 24, 2012

III Gun Shows

Here is the list of companies with which we are establishing Dealer/Wholesale accounts for the first stage of our Gun Show project.

Please weigh-in, folks.

We'll have gear on the table from: (Each company has a $500 minimum first order)

ITT (Night Vision)
Cold Steel
US Palm (Body Armor)
Traditions (RevWarI Muzzleloaders)

Every item we sell will be branded with the III logo. In addition to offering this gear at Gun Shows, we'll be able to offer it to III Patriots at discount online at IIIGear.com.

In addition, we will be heavy with III Gear: Patches, mugs, t-shirts, caps, lapel pins, business cards, Zoomie stickers, III bookmarks, posters, flags, logo stickers, III to Liberty, Books(Baugh, & Bracken), SHTF Project (Once it is done).

The primary function of the booth is reaching our natural allies. So, we'll be signing new "Members", giving them a patch & copy of III to Liberty, and a list of our blogs to hit when they get home.

Any companies that you consider to be essential to include on our table over the summer as we work out the kinks?

Any other input?

Don't be shy. If you are watching the world you know time is short to find our allies.

Why the RevWarI repro muzzleloaders with the III Brand? Collector's value - but more importantly, it is almost impossible for a "Political Organization": to get a booth at a decent gun show anymore, thanks to NRA and FedGov. So, we'll get in under the radar with non-FFL muzzleloaders (and offer a nuanced connection between our political goals and RevWarI/Founding Documents) and other tactical gear.



  1. Speaking of Baugh, has anyone thought to ask him what the best business approach to the gun manufacture/Wyoming project might be? He seems to have a pretty good handle on the "follow the rules but squeeze the system for every penny you can" idea. He might not be a 111per (don't know) but I suspect he would be sympathetic to the goals of the project. He runs his own business as a consultant so I would understand him not giving away free advice, but maybe someone out there knows him well enough to ask.

  2. Sam,

    Just a note to tie in your recent training with the original Ka-Bar with your preference for tanto blades. Check out the Model 1245 Ka-Bar. I've got one and love it. The lines are not the same on the smaller tanto, 1254, which I have but don't like as well. Tomar's Ka-bars is a good company, if you are unable to deal directly with Ka-Bar for some reason. http://www.tomarskabars.com/1245_INFO.html


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