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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

III Coffee Mugs

UPDATE: Folks, I only ordered 108 of these mugs and your support is wonderful. Many of your are ordering multiples. That means they are going fast - get your order in if you want some from the first shipment.


Drink coffee?

We ordered a batch of 11 ounce coffee mugs with the III logo on BOTH sides of the mug. The mugs are white, the logo is black.

We did NOT add the Resist tag, for you folks who prefer the sans look.

Since these things are breakable, we had to add a bit more cost for shipping material - bubble wrap and peanuts and proper-size boxes are not free.

Remember, every dime left after cost stays in the 527 to pay for radio spots and other III Liberty endeavors.

You can order at IIIGear.com, here.



  1. I'll order a couple tomarrow, been a long day, g'night. Hopefully there will still be some left.
    Miss Violet

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