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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sluts have their protection, Patriots spell it differently...

Been following the Fluke/Slut/Rush kerfluffle?

The above bumper sticker submitted by Mike C.

Sadly, we are rushing at full throttle to a point where the notion on the sticker will be lived in the streets. But in any war where one side throws condoms and the other throws JHP's, I think we all know which way to bet.

Here's the link.



  1. Slut was a little course. Perhaps harlot would be more appropriate?

    Did you also hear about this little tramp testifying not so long ago about getting health care to pay for "gender" changing operations for transvestites?

    Look it up my friends. They want us to pay for their freaky-ness!

  2. Well, Greg, a rose by any other name....

    Can you imagine being so selfish and self centered that you think everyone owes you their hard work so your life can be, oh, so wonderful? Just thinking about it makes me so angry that it is hard to even put into words the disgust I feel for her and her kind. Mark my words, this little hide will be a politician before it's over.
    Miss Violet


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