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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LEO in Wyoming...

LEO is LEO, even in Wyoming. Members of the Police State like the Police State.

Gillette City Council member Kevin McGrath said he also opposes the legislation, saying city employees already have enough to do without having to deal with firearms. And having someone argue before council members while wearing a gun, he said, can be intimidating.

"It doesn't pertain to me anyhow," said McGrath, a Gillette police officer. "I can carry a gun in City Hall."

Personally, I think Government Officials should be intimidated - it discourages them from abusing the power of their office.

The discussion is about legislation that bans Wyoming localities from passing Gun Control. The LEO (McGrath) thinks it is bad that plain ol' Citizens can carry.

But, as his hubris is fully displayed in the last sentence, he, as LEO, is not encumbered by silly laws against Citizens.

So, if we make a move regarding Wyoming, we still have some housecleaning to do...

Here's the story.



  1. Well, like I said before Wyoming's people are like anywhere else, there are the good, the bad, and the stupid. Wyoming has it's liberals also, so there will be foolishness. McGrath is an idiot if you ask me. I've lived in Gillette, it's a rough and tumble oilfield and coal town and the citizens are pretty straight forward. People there won't appreciate his elitism. Casper is an oilfield town too, but because of the higher population it naturally will have it's bigger share of libs.
    Miss V

  2. True enough, Sam, but I'm betting (literally, with my feet) that Wyo will need less than most anywhere else.

    Consider the article itself: the state government of Wyoming trying to pass legislation keeping the citizens from being oppressed by local gun control laws. The folks sponsoring this bill understand that, no matter where you go, there are liberals who want to force you to comply with their desire to control you. It amazes me - and makes my heart glad - that there are folks in WY who are willing to protect their citizens from that.

    Hate to say it, but these days most cops - like this McGrath asshat - think they are the Only Ones. I know that was your real point, that jerks like that need to be taken out with the rest of the trash. But how encouraging is it that WY may pass a truly Constitutional law to protect its citizens from the Only Ones? I think its terrific.

    1. Reg T, you reduced it down to the essentials...WY "gets it" and Flatfoot McGrath doesn't.

      Dee Jay


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