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Saturday, March 10, 2012

III Poster

UPDATE: If you vote "No" on the poll, please explain your reasoning here. Post Anonymously if you wish. I'm not looking for an argument, but I am curious to know your reasons to pass on this media tactic. I think it is a good idea: Eye Candy will get attention, and a politically incorrect offense is almost as good as a punch in the nose. But maybe you see something that I am overlooking or miscalculating. K

Remember Lauren?

We had her in the studio a while ago for a fashion-related shoot. At the end we had her play with a few of the toys laying around the Go Bag project.

Here is a concept I have been considering: A very shapely and attractive lass in III-appropriate clothing & gear doing a very inappropriate III-related thing (it won't be Lauren, it won't be sexual, it will be something very politically incorrect that is certain to push the limits of 1A among our current Enemies of Liberty). Our radio ads are reaching for allies. This poster would be designed to offend our enemies. That can be a very effective media strike, but we've got to be ready for blowback.

It will be something in-your-face-enough that the Political Class may lose their collective mind (hey, I'm punny!), and might even condemn us in national media.

All that, and of course, sexy/saucy without being trashy/raunchy.

Would you support such a project and purchase a $10-$13 poster to hang over your reloading bench or in your man cave?

Let me know whether or not you'd purchase, doing such things properly is not cheap, there will be about $1,500 involved before I pay the photographer - and pro photogs are not cheap. Of course, I'd also release it free digitally so you can put it on your sites or wallpaper, but I've got to know there will be financial support as well. If we have the support, I'll finance it personally and dump the revenue into the 527.

I put a poll on the right.

Also: I ordered a few extra III Flags - have you ordered yours yet? (They are scheduled to be in my shop next week from the flag company, they'll ship out the same day I get them in) Order at IIIGear.com, here. I ordered 15 extra, and I doubt if I'll order more. (I can't order flags a few at a time)



  1. I would definitely get one


  2. Yes I would order a couple! By the way I would like a backtape with ChinaIII where did you get it.Or could you do custom orders?


  3. You might ask Oleg Volk to see if he would be interested. He's going to do some shots of Dixie in July and as you know, anything gun related he enjoys.

  4. China: I just added the info on the sidebar, sorry, I should have done that from the start.

    I was bargain hunting and found MilitaryUniformSupply.com for the tape, and I picked up a pair of Tru-Spec Tiger Stripe pants for $23 in their bargain/closeout section.

    The tape is 4" x 1". SKU is: NT-4INCH-OD-HOOK

    You should order it directly. I probably wouldn't be able to negotiate a better price unless we had 50 orders in hand, or so.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys.


  5. if it is clean enough that my better half will be ok with it... i am down for one, maybe an other for a gift.

  6. Brock: I've talked with Oleg and we are definitely going to get him involved with some of the SHTF project. I'm looking forward to working with him.

    Good luck with Dixie's shoot this summer! Those will be cool shots to see when done.


  7. rgranger: Our model will be hot but the sexy factor will be PG-13 at most.

    The politically incorrect factor will be much higher.

    We'll be walking a fine line so that the overall impression will be tastefully attractive and politically offensive and irreverent. Mrs. Kerodin has a good eye for keeping things in-bounds.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  8. It sounds mean and unnecessarily confrontational.

    I'm in.

    1. Now I know I'm on the right track. ;)


  9. Well, girls and man caves are not my thing, but I do have a son in law that needs some indoctrination so I'm in. ;)
    Miss Violet

  10. Thanks, Miss Violet. As I explained in the 'Update' above, my reasoning is: Eye Candy gets attention, and a gratuitous offense against the Lefties is never a bad thing, in my mind. I think we can win some friends and enemies with one shot on this one. ;)



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