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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Man or Woman with a Hammer can be a Problem...

A few guys walked into a jewelry store with a hammer and a sack, and left 45 seconds later with $450k worth of watches.

The point: Do not overlook the obvious when contemplating scenarios.

You've seen me write many times that my weapon of choice is a Chevrolet. I've also written about a motivated man with a claw hammer being able to go get any rifle he may want.

I can't tell you how many very good martial artists I've seen dropped by a haymaker or a jab. All the skills and tools in the world will do nothing if the Operator doesn't use them. There is no magic about winning a fight. When you break it down to its most basic elements you must close the gap and make the other person submit by breaking their body or their will. It doesn't need to be pretty or complicated.

It simply has to work.

Pretty and/or complicated can result in your arse being handed to you by the little guy or gal you never expected to hit you with a Chevy or a hammer, or a simple throat punch.

Here's the story about the robbery.

Keep it simple whenever you can...



  1. Hey, that 2 pound ball peen hammer in my floorboard isn't a weapon, it's a tool. So's that large phillips screwdriver in the console.

    That's the other benefit to training with everyday items. They're completely legal.

  2. Exactly right. I own many Malco scratch awls, it seems I can't hardly find a room or a toolbox or glovebox that doesn't have one in it...never know when a man might need to mark a piece of metal.


  3. Hey! The Draco on my console is a tool too!


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