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Friday, March 2, 2012

The III will never die

Folks, you don't like what you see? Welcome to the party.

Tom Baugh lived it before I did.

I've been living it for almost 2 years.

Now you see that Mike Vanderboegh is even willing to unleash hideous venom on two people in this community who are, I think we can all agree, beyond reproach. I watched CA fight this same fight more than a year ago in private email and he fought on principle, and lost a long and dear friend over it. I have watched him do it again, and if you think I don't feel sick about it, you are a f'n idiot. I watched AP wade into this with the same good intention as have several others in the last 2 years. And I watched him get attacked by Mike...savagely. I watched him try several times to convince Mike, to appeal to reason, and I watched Mike treat him like dirt.

Any single one of you who look to AP or CA and want to lay any blame for this mess at their feet, you are a f'n idiot. Those two guys are two of the most principled and reasonable and caring men I have ever known - and I have known a few men who will be invited to God's dinner table. Mike attacked, attacked and attacked with ever increasing bile on those two guys (and others in the thread), and they tried far more than I ever would, to find a reasonable solution.

Then, as you all know, Mike cherry-picked from a long email train and posted on his site to paint a picture that impugned the character of AP, CA, and others.

If you can not find the intellectual honesty to digest and process the truth that is before your eyes, you are a f'n idiot.

Is your world shattered because Mike is not what you thought he was? Get over it.

Is your world shattered because I have somehow failed you? Get over it.

I have a firm policy of never taking an unnecessary ass-whippin'. You don't like the way I defend myself? Get over it. I do not believe in proportional response.

There are a few simple facts I would suggest all of you examine once you get over your hurt feelings. You are alone. Mike, me, AP, CA...none of us are going to be able to cover your back when SHTF. This is on you, only you, and it has always been that way.

Am I speaking too harshly for you? Man the f'k up. This is not an internet game.

Mike, me, AP, CA...none of us are capable of "winning" the war for Liberty on anyone's behalf. We never had a chance. That's on you. I can cover the ground beneath my feet, I know AP and CA can cover the ground beneath their feet. Your patch of ground is yours to defend, or not.

Rhodes pointed me to that graphic above. I have said as much a dozen times in the last 2 years in my columns. I've even told you that you'd better trust but verify everyone in your Tribe and in your home.

If you think I spend hours every day on this blog, on my Kerodin.com site, on designing, acquiring, shipping III Gear (all for ZERO f'n income), on participating in writing books about the III and Liberty, on scripting radio ads and negotiating ad rates, on traveling around Virginia to give out copies of our book (FREE), and planning a PatCom almost a thousand miles from my home just because I want to prove that I have a longer wee-wee than Mike Vanderboegh, you are a f'n idiot.

I walked into this community because I know I have valuable life experiences and skills and knowledge that may help a few of you live through what is coming our way. I am also learning just as much as I offer from many of you.

I am staying.

I will keep the III Brand alive and growing.

I hope Tom Baugh will begin writing publicly in this community once again. He has as much space on this blog as he may ever request.

When the history books are written, the III will have at least a chapter, and that's even if we lose. Win, lose or draw, we will rip OpFor a new ass.

We are on the precipice of a democide unlike any in human history. If you are getting your panties twisted over me and Mike, you're probably already dead.

In my opinion, Mike Vanderboegh is a negative to the goals of the III.

The next time you think of what Bill Nye has written about Mike, ask yourself a simple question, now that you have new information: Just where was Bill wrong? Good luck, because he wasn't.

You don't like that? You don't like me? Get over it and move on.

When SHTF I will not be on your mind, nor will Mike. You'll be too busy trying to keep yourself alive, your wife and daughters from being mattresses for OpFor and FSA, and other matters of real survival.

And when it gets really f'n tough and you need a bit of insipration, maybe, just maybe, you'll have the sack to remember that CA and AP had the balls to stand on principle during these days and challenge the Emperor when the Emperor was wrong.




  1. And in light of that...

    Fine, I’ll do it.

    Mike, you fat f*ck, shut the hell up.

    Kerodin, you short f*ck, shut the hell up.

    Bill, you big f*ck, shut the hell up.

    Everyone else: If the f*cks will not shut the hell up, don’t feed them. As far as I am concerned, this IS ALL ABOUT EGO. I don’t care who started it.

    He stole my flag.

    He’s a felon.

    He’s a communist.

    He’s a snitch.

    No, he’s a snitch.

    If everyone would just decide to shut the f*ck up… the first one to mention the other and not shut the f*ck up… cut him off like a virus. A non-person.

    It is the one with the ego problem who WILL NOT shut the f*ck up. Ignore him. And the one who THINKS he has the most “honor” to win over is the one who will not shut up.

    Ya know, I have walked away from more fights than I have fought.

    See? Isn’t that simple.


  2. The last few days of emails has certainly made my mine up, but you know, I always felt that I had more in common with you, CA, AP and TL than the recent instigator. Senses flowing through words over the Internet. Strange.

    Oh, the last batch of books which I put on consignment at a different gun shop has sold. When I get the money, I'll see if I can buy some more to place elsewhere.

  3. Ok, so who are you directing that to? Mike? One of the anons? some newbie? oughtsix? me? if your credentials are what you sat they are, why does it seem that you're trying to justify yourself?

    There's much more to focus on than this, you might want to consider letting it go.

    Oh, since we've never met, hello.


  4. That is great news, Brock. I have a stack right here on my shelf I can send you - zip me an email at Kerodin@Kerodin.com and tell me what address to send them to.

    Yours in Liberty.


  5. Hello, Grog.

    I am directing it to the thousand+ readers who come to this site every day looking for information that may help them survive and prevail in the coming horrors. There are thousands more who go to CA's place, AP's place, and the other blogs.

    Grog, if you are serious about learning the truth, rather than other people's version of the truth, I invite you to simply read a few of my posts and decide for yourself. I have one agenda: I want to help people who are awakened to the Endarkenment (I think that is Billy Beck's term) prevail. If they live, I have a better chance of living and keeping my wife alive.

    I do not care who gets credit for what, but I do not just lie down in the face of attacks against me.

    All I ask is that you watch objectively, and take your own decision.


  6. When I first discovered the III community I was in awe. I had found others who believed the way I did and they could articulate it in ways that astounded me. K, reading your blog was kinda like looking at a blood and guts accident, you don't want to look, but you can't look away. It was pointed, direct, scary, but it made me think. Oh, boy, did it make me think, and that, my Patriot friend, is why I come and visit you every day ;)
    Miss Violet

  7. Miss Violet: Thank you. You are a first class Patriot and woman. Believe it or not I thought of you, and what you may think of my harsh words, many times over the last few days.

    Thank you.


  8. Well, I can hardly blame you for defending yourself, and any one who does is a dumbass. I don't believe for a minute that anyone who has said you should be above it, would, if it were them, not defend their self. After all, no one has ever heard you claim you were trying for the Gandhi award, right? But then, I was raised by one of the most contentious and ornery women put on the plant who told my brothers and me that we weren't supposed to start fights, but by God if someone brings us one, we had better finish it or we'd answer to her, and she WAS scary! Her instructions were: Hit them, knock them down, get on top of them and keep slugging until they cried and gave up. Sooooo, as you can see, my point of reference might be skewed, lol.
    Miss Violet

  9. "We are on the precipice of a democide unlike any in human history. If you are getting your panties twisted over me and Mike, you're probably already dead."

    To borrow some post-urban vernacular....



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