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Friday, March 2, 2012

Throw-Over Holster

Just rec'd this Throw-Over Holster from CSMGear.com for the SHTF Project. Sorry, the OD doesn't show up very clear on the Tiger Stripe.

First assessment: It is excellently made, it lays perfectly across the chest and can be cinched snugly.

We'll do a full review for the SHTF Project. In the meantime, take a peek at CSMGear.com. Tell 'em where you came from and we'll be spreading the III Brand.



  1. Is that puppy model agnostic? would it work with a .45, Hi-Power, 92F?

  2. They have 3 versions, I think: Glock, 1911, and "generic".

    The also have a few color variations. I am partial to ABU and OD. They didn't have an ABU, so they sent me an OD.

    My thought for it is a guy who gets out of bed for a suspicious noise that may not warrant a full kit. Just sling over the pistol, spare mag, and mabe clip a blade and flashlight to it.


  3. Thanks, I will look into them. I have found that when I hear something out by the barn in the middle of the night, I am rather short on pockets for spare mags. I do have a 60rd mac for the SBR, but that may be overkill ...


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