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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Israel: Schools set to reopen Sunday if calm holds

"Calm" means - if the folks in Gaza stop throwing rockets at Israeli children.

I've included a picture of Israel, with Gaza delineated.

The fix, for a neighbor who is throwing rockets at your children is simple: Ask them to stop throwing rockets at your children.


The next time you speak, it is NOT with your words.

You give every man, woman and child under your protection a weapon and a ride to the perimeter of Gaza, and you give the folks of Gaza 24 hours to leave. You provide ships so they can get out.

24 hours and 1 minute later, you kill every bastard remaining, and sell the real estate on the cheap.

No more rockets from Gaza. And I'd be willing to bet that none would come from the West Bank, either.

And if a neighbor gets lippy, like Lebanon, or Jordan, or whoever...

...you tell them to shut their yaps or you will reduce your tactical nuclear stockpile by one in 24 hours.

Sorry, folks. I do not care what you think of Jews or collateral damage or any Moral High Ground silliness - no people on Earth are required to endure the attempts of their enemies to kill them and their children. Not one American would be needed to enter the fray. Not one American tax dollar would be needed on weapons.

If my neighbors on Floral or Chestnut were throwing rocks at my house, there would soon become available some very inexpensive real estate where Floral and Chestnut once were.

It's that simple.

Here's the story.



  1. Absolutely. There is no way to keep Hamas and Fatah from committing these attacks since their own people - at risk from Israeli reprisals when the Israelis are targeted by rockets or infiltrators that kill their citizens - won't turn them in or make any attempt to stop them. Hell, most of these animals are in favor of attacking Israel, and celebrate when Israeli children are slaughtered by their muslim "brothers".

    Every Israeli who has lost a family member or a friend should be armed and given an "open season" license to hunt "Palestinians". Israelis who have lost children or grandchildren should be armed with flamethrowers or provided with APCs armed with 50 cal or 20mm weapons and unlimited ammo.

    Since the Palestinians rejoice when Israeli women and children are killed, since they love to pass out candy to celebrate, and their mothers are proud to dress their children in mock suicide vests and proud when their sons kill Israelis with their bombs, I have no problems with the fact that Palestinian women and children would die under such a program. They would at least have the choice of leaving before being forced out at gunpoint. Let Lebanon and Syria and Iran and Saudi Arabia take them in, as they should have back in the early'50s.

  2. I took tours of a couple of death camps when I was stationed in Germany.
    I'll stand with Israel on this.
    'nuff said.


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