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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Judge: Why his show was cancelled

Many in our community watched Judge Napolitano every night.

Suddenly, his show on Fox Business was cancelled. The network claimed Fox Business was going to change it's entire evening line-up.

But what has changed? Only the Judge, relegated to guest spots on other shows. They filled his time slot with The Willis Report.

Most folks took Fox at their word, or were convinced that The Judge was cancelled because he spoke the Truth on topics.

I don't think that was the reason. Fox has proven they are willing to air controversial shows.

So, if it wasn't because of his views (which he is still permitted to air across Fox & Fox Business), then why would they cancel his show?

He aired at 8pm - in direct competition with Bill O'Reilly.

I have never seen the stats, but I'd bet The Judge was taking an uncomfortable piece of Bill's milquetoast audience...

Drudge often posts the monthly cable ratings, but he never included Fox Business, and I haven't been able to find their stats. But it sure makes sense. Bill O'Reilly is a BIG money maker, and if he whined (and he is a whiner) then I can see Fox throwing The Judge under the bus.

Often, the simple answer is the right answer.



  1. I once watched O'Whiney. But after seeing his first interview of tbe illegal Indonesian, soetoro-obama, and the ejaculate running down O'Whiney's chin, I jettisoned my subscription to FAUX News and cable.


  2. I don't agree as they could have simply changed his time slot. Beck and then the Judge, no coincidence, I believe.

  3. Fox hired that one Soros activist. I forgot her name. My guess is that Fox wants to be more "mainstream" to attract the RINO/NRA/Moderate crowd.


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