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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Politics of Hoodies

On the floor of the House. In our Congress.

There are very powerful forces in America who believe they will benefit from violence along racial and economic class lines. Religion will become an accelerant in any such Ruckus.

It appears many believe that the time for that war is now. Their motives are diverse. Who cares? War is war, and it is ugly. The people who could step in and defuse the situation are instead throwing fuel.

So be it.

The results? Many will die. The Police State will advance in a MAJOR way. The Economy will increase speed toward Implosion...a goal of those who want the Police State so they can impose their Utopian Communism.

The sad thing is that so many of these people who are pushing us in this direction actually believe they are capable of controlling the outcome. In their hubris, they do not understand that once the fire begins to burn, it can rapidly conflagrate into a full-blown Civil War.

And the odds of a second bite at the apple such as our Founders and Framers knew?

Not so much.

Here's the story from the floor.


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