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Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh ho ho! Russian Troops in Syria

Say what you will about Communists.

I hate them.

But Vlad has a pair, folks.

You have to respect a man with grit, even if he is a mortal enemy.

Any plans the US Government had about tumbling Assad just ate it.

The American War Mongers in power were just handed their arses.

Here's the story.



  1. You know...It's a sad day when a communist has to stop the war mongering socialist.

  2. Ho, ho, indeed. None of our business. A novel thought, I know..........

  3. WTF,We been dark longtime.

  4. Putin isn't a Communist. He's a strongman. There's a difference.

    An article I read a few months ago pointed out that Putin and Medvedev obsessively watch their polls because the Russian government has no legitimacy except popularity - there is no institutional foundation for it otherwise.

  5. Rollory: I subscribe to the Golitsyn paradigm, and remain convinced that the Cold War never ended, but stupid Americans have no ability to think in terms of generational warfare. All of our serious defensive assets have lowered their guard regarding Russia, and our entire posture is vulnerable.

    Remember, Golitsyn is running at a 96% proven rate of being correct in his assertions to Angleton.

    And...Vlad is former KGB. FSB and GRU are still two of the most ruthless secret police organizations on the planet. And as Golitsyn counseled, the Sino-Soviet split would be revealed as a hoax, evidence of which is on full display today.

    There is a common saying: The Russians play chess, Americans play checkers. Look who is in our Oval Office and who lines our Halls of Congress. Look at the top 10 goals of Communism, and it is evident that they have succceeded.

    And here we are, on the precipice, while our true enemies simply wait for us to implode. They need only nudge...

    I must disagree that Vlad is a Communist. And he is the one who will drop the facade. He is young, strong, clever, bold, ruthless, and brilliant.

    No American politician on the scene today is his equal.

    And that is dangerous.



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