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Monday, March 19, 2012

"You can't beat a conventional military force with guerrilla tactics in today's world!"

From Mosby, here.

Further analyses offered by several at WRSA, here.

My take: Even those Americans who display such ineptness in the video will win 99% of the time when kicking in the door of the average Patriot back home.

Not because they are better.

Because they have every other advantage.

We must change the game, because if we play by the current rules, we will lose...even to a bunch of Americans who do not impress a band of Afghanis...



  1. Damn right been thinking the same thing ourselves.WTSHTF for those who intend to oppose the corporate fascist regime.Failure will not be an option.

  2. Here is another point I would like your take on.Last fall there was a Time magazine article about the ever widening gap between the U.S.military and mainstream society.The main point being that soldier`s are becoming isolated from mainstream society to the point where nothing in life matter`s except putting on that uniform and marching in lockstep.It is my opinion that this is being done deliberately,to psychologically distance them from everyday life.The goal of this being,when they are commanded by the great carnival barker Obama "GO! go and murder your fellow countrymen for me and the U.N.globalist agenda" they will mindlessly obey.I am not the only one seeing this.Stewart Rhodes and Oath Keeper`s are screaming the wake up call from the rooftop`s. Case in point,I personally know a guy who was a crow gunner in Iraq and Afghanistan,he`s out now and this young man has become a recluse who sit`s 24/7 at his play sta.2 practicing his skill`s. The point being this guy is so mindfucked he would have no qualm`s whatsoever applying his trade on the street`s of Comrade Obama`s Amerika.


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