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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A post I think I need to offer

I genuinely hope I do not embarrass anyone.

First: Several people have posted "Print the sticker (whatever version being discussed at the moment) and I'll order some."

I am with you. But I must let the community in on one of the business realities of how this works. Many of you have never run a business, so please don't think I am being condescending.

When the 527 orders 1,000 stickers, we need to sell at least 400 to cover the initial cost of printing, shipping, envelopes, et cetera. Once we reach 400 sales, I am ready to order the next batch with a new message.

The cost analysis does not include a commission to Zoomie. I have asked the man to accept a Small piece of every sticker sold for his effort, skill and time. There is editing involved behind-the-scenes that takes even more of his time. The man takes the position that his effort is his contribution to our efforts, and I kid you not, has made it clear he will gut me like a carp if I ask again if he will accept payment. I believe him.

That is Patriotism. I have dealt with several of you in such projects who take the same position.

So - before I can ask Zoomie to invest in the work involved in spending the time away from his family and the chores of life, we have to financially break even on the current project.

With the stickers, that magic number is 400 units. He has some great art, but the next one will not be brought to market until this one pays for itself.

Here's one of his latest:

This is where we can go. But we've got to get there. And anyone who looks at that image (Act I, Act II & Act III) and does not see several layers of serious talent simply doesn't get it.

The same applies to t-shirts and mugs. I need to sell 40 mugs before the 527 breaks even on the cost. Flags: 25 units to break even (we have sold 34). When we get to the poster we'll need to move 400 units to break even.

We have very limited resources, folks. I can't buy a full line of III Gear at once and wait for it to sell.

So, if you want more sticker designs, buy more. Buy 25 or more and sell them at a slight profit to your gun buddies. Or take a stack of 10 to each gun store in your area and let them sell for you. We need to network, and let others do the marketing for us. Order 150-300 and go to a gun show, and sell them 10 at a time to the vendors - they are ALWAYS looking for merchandise to set on the table where they can make $1-3 per sale profit.

So, the hard truth is: If the same small group of III Patriots buy a few items offered, we will run out of operating capital in no time. So buy in bulk, and go sell your local gun/surplus sellers to buy from you at cost (or a small profit - why shouldn't you cover your gas money) and let them do the work for us. They have more III allies walk through their store every day than you'll meet at your office.

Buy bulk, then disseminate.

Everything is at IIIGear.com



  1. Replies
    1. Brock: As a crass and boorish Yankee, I probably am outta line with the Star and Bars...but I made that image with you and my "Rebel" brothers in mind.

      You and I have conversed online about the south and southerners...and "The War of Northern Aggression." ;)

      You know where I stand...

    2. Oh yeah...honest and full disclosure...

      My "talents" for the "acts1,2,3" image consisted of coming up with the concept, stealing the images from the intardnets and manipulating them so they look better and then added a few effects. Then I laid the crap out and added the text.

      A brazen act of almost complete thievery...

      I am ashamed.

    3. Shame not Zoomie. That's called Captain Hook development. Haaarrr, prepare to be baaarded.


  2. The "Great Acts of American Defiance" will be greatly improved if you remove the "?" which follows "Act III".


  3. The question mark is there for a reason:

    -Are there enough of us who care to make the changes needed?

    -Do we REALLY have the guts to do what our founders and the CSA did, or are we bloviating assholes?

    Unanswerable questions, perhaps, at this time, it seems to me.

    Only the INDIVIDUAL knows the true answer to the second question.

  4. Do you know if the sticker will adhere to metal? I think I'd like to attach them to a metal water bottle and sell them at a little shop in the mall.

  5. Adventures: According to the printer they will apply to most substances, and they particularly point out plastic & metal bumpers - so aluminum bottles should be no worries.


  6. Damn Zoomie that is the best one yet.

    Well done.

  7. Trying to choose a favorite is like going into a gun shop and having to choose only one.

    It's impossible.

    The new one is outstanding.

  8. As soon as the funds I transferred to paypal posts, I am in for 10 of them...

  9. K, one more question on the III Resist Sticker? Are the Black lettering on a white background or is it a transparent background?
    The bottles are Blue, Red, Green and plain Aluminum colors and I want to know what color bottles to focus on picking up.
    These are great little bottles that stand up to having water boiled in them and I think will make a good seller

    1. Adventures: If you want the III Resist stickers to sell, how many are you looking to buy? I can order a special batch of transparant if there is enough demand - and they will hold up well since they are UV rated/coated.


  10. K, I'll be starting with 12, So I don't think a special order is needed. I think a transparent sticker background would look sharp on the Aluminum bottle, but White may work better on the Red and Blue bottles.
    If these bottles do sell I will be looking to order a batch of 48 stickers.

    1. The problem: The Resist/Logo stickers will not hold up to much abuse at all.

      The stickers Zoomie designed will - different material.

      I will be ordering a set of Resist/Logo Stickers this week in the new vinyl (that will hold up better) so don't place your order until I get that done.

      Do you have a preference which one? (Resist, Resist Branded)?


  11. K, Resist Branded if you please. Let me know when the vinyl come in an I will place an order. Once I get them I let you know how they sell and keep you updated.

    1. Good, you helped me decide. I don't want to spend the money for both stickers, so I am ordering a batch of the Branded this evening. ;)

      I'll let you know when they come in.


  12. K, Showed the stickers and discussed the Bottle idea with my Mom and thinks the bottles could sell.
    I've been looking for something that I could augment my SSD income and try and get away from being so dependent on the Feds.
    If this test works out I will get more of the III gear. I'd like to expand having my own little section of this shop in the mall.


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