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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sparklies of Death: Revisited

Go look at Drudge.

How many Sparklies do you count? Florida. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton. Whitney Houston. Newt vs. Mitt. vs. Paul. vs. Santorum, and who should drop out. There are more.

Obviously the big one today is the silliness of an innocent black kid with Skittles being murdered by a hispanic superhero in Florida. What are the facts?

Who cares? It matters most to the dead kid and the guy who killed him. Next in line are the millions who want to prove the Truth of their political assertions based on the spin surrounding the incident.

It is a tree in the world's largest meaningless forest. They are ALL FSA, whether they collect government cheese, government retirement, healthcare, paychecks, whether they ride the bus or ride in BMW's, whether they live in the 'hood or in Avenel on the Potomac. No matter if their annual income has 3 zeros or 7. They are all FSA.

Focus on the big picture, folks. Do not allow the Bad People or the People-Who-Think-They-Are-Good-People distract you, not for one single moment.

Both groups of people will burn you alive or permit you to starve to death or rot in prison or kneel by a ditch for a .22 in the medula to win.

We are in the midst of Evil, people. True f'n Evil.

Evil most human beings can not, will not accept is even possible.

Keep your eye on what is real, not the manufactured crisis of the hour.

Your life. Your wife or husband. Your children.

All those people screaming at one another DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANY OF YOU. They will let you die, or they will MURDER you to prove they are morally right and better.

Prep. Train. Erect defenses and E&E Protocols. In the hours or days or months, maybe even a few years we may have left, find the very few people still alive who care about Liberty and fold them into your Tribe.

But do not fall for this crap.



  1. Yep. I've all but dropped off the scene again. The f'n noise and all the bullshit that goes with it is deafening,and yet nothing new is really being said,anywhere.

    We ARE the minority. And my offer to you few ALWAYS will stand.

    Fuck the rest of them.

    And the flags are EXCELLENT!!


  2. Your absence has been noticed. I hope you make it to TL's gig. If not, our paths will cross when the time is right.

    Stay safe.



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