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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunspots & III Gear

Well, there may be something to the whole 'Solar Storm' thing.

We lost 2 transformers within earshot yesterday, and getting online was spotty all day - and completely dead last night. Sorry, wasn't ignoring anyone, just couldn't get to mail most of the day, and posting became impossible. And, I think I'm beyond the useful age-curve for doing much from my Android.

III Gear: Folks - I am not promising to keep IIIGear.com open. It's a lot of work, diminishing returns to the 527, it ties up cash in inventory (or I piss folks off with delivery delays), asking for constant donations to keep expanding the 527 gets old, and there are other reasons.

Right now 2XL shirts are OUT. I'd like to move mugs & the remaining 15 flags.

If you want III Gear, get some. Flags and mugs expected in next week, and will ship when I get them. I'm making no promises for how long I keep it open.

More later.



  1. Had similer problems all day yesterday with the internet. Spotty and annoying.

    III Gear, if it is not making monies towards the goal, then sell out what you have and move on. I would hope most would continue to support this venture with capital. I know I will.




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